PuzzleFlow Newsletter 2010 Vol 3

November 23, 2010

Article by: News Hub Media

PuzzleFlow Newsletter – Fall/Winter 2010

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Preflight Reports & Soft Proofing

We have added two new features to Preflight Reports and Soft Proofing. Beyond layered preflight report s current ability to show and hide each preflighted object – making it easier to identify warnings and errors – we have added highlighting for warnings and errors. Now a quick glance will tell if there are problems in a file and right where they are.

Within the PuzzleFlow soft proof we have added the ability to define and visually check the image size or image area on a page. This is automatically set and placed in the soft proof during the page size validation and resizing step.

To learn more about these new features read the full article about Preflight Reports & Soft Proofing in the attached PDF or at http://blog.puzzleflow.us



PuzzleFlow InkSaver

Ink Optimization is catching on with new installations at:

– The Winchester Star
(together with WebPairer and Automator)

– The Post Register

– Ann Arbor Offset

– The Lewiston Tribune

Try InkSaver for yourself FREE unlimited use trial at http://inksaver.puzzleflow.us

Nothing to install no obligation just register and start using InkSaver

There is also a new InkSaver quick demo video that you can find on the PuzzleFlow YouTube page at http://www.youtube.com/puzzleflow


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