PSI Announces a New Line of Plate Processing Chemicals

May 29, 2013

Article by: Photo Systems Inc. (PSI)

May 22 2013

Photo Systems is pleased to announce a complete new line of plate processing chemicals. PSI in cooperation with Huber Printing Chemicals of Troisdorf Germany now offers an economical alternative to plate manufacturer’s OEM chemicals. Huber’s formulations and PSI’s manufacturing expertise allow us to offer Page members a line of plate developers compatible with Kodak AGFA Fuji and IBF plates as well as pre and post baking gums. The line includes products for violet thermal CTP and CTCP. Page member pricing is between $50 – $65 per five gallon package based on the specific plate being used.
PSI is pleased to offer all Page members a free trial of any of these new plate chemistries. We will be happy to provide up to 25 gallons of chemistry without charge. Page members are only responsible for the freight to their location. Please call Patti Hansen at 734-424-9625 to arrange for your free trial.