Promantek Announces Performance Management Success

July 27, 2008

Article by: Trakstar

Promantek Receives "Outstanding" Customer Survey Ratings

Highlands Ranch Colorado July 25 2008 – Promantek In. a leading provider of Web-based employee performance management today announced it received an overall “Outstanding” or 9/10 rating in its 2008 Customer Survey Performance Management Report.

Promantek’s software includes a comprehensive newspaper position and competency library that defines and measures the skills and tasks that lead to successful performance.

Executive Vice President at Promantek Joe Dowd said "While everyday we witness new customers realizing a return on their TrakStar Performance Appraisal System investment we are equally committed to work hard to retain our customer’s business provide a high level of service and satisfy their needs. Our Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey helps us understand how we can continually improve our products and services.”

Joe went on to say “We are especially pleased that our customers indicated that our performance overall was characterized by exceptional accomplishments throughout 2007 and by performance considerably and consistently at a higher level than that considered successful.”

Rating Criteria
9.0/10.0 Implementation Knowledge and Experience
9.0/10.0 TrakStar Product Ease of Use
9.0/10.0 Appraisal Efficiency and Improved Quality
9.6/10.0 Quality of Advice and Responsiveness

Newspaper Customer Testimonials

Kim McDowell Assistant to the Presidents at Concord Publishing House and HR Director at the Southeast Missourian ( says “One of the best dividends of TrakStar is that employees are empowered to be a part of the process. Our managers like the web-based operation that can be accessed from their home or office. They like the ability to weight each job criteria so the scoring is meaningful. Our employees look at TrakStar as being a fair and accurate appraisal. Upper management likes the reports that show how each department is performing.”

Debi Welch Human Resource and Organizational Development Director at the Knoxville News Sentinel ( says “TrakStar has been a great tool for us our employees and more importantly our leaders. For the first time we have real time real data and the ability to sort analyze and use the data to help us coach and develop our managers and our workforce. Having the ability to export data for use in our merit pay planning and skill gap analysis for training and development purposes has allowed us to take our workforce to the next level.

The first year we were able to review the data to determine our overall performance – where our workforce fits in the bell shaped curve. This allowed us to determine our merit pay increases for the different levels of performance. It also provided us with the information to have the hard conversations around the variation in our manager’s definition of what good and great look like. We were also able to identify our potential watch list of high performers. From these discussions we were able to develop performance management training for our workforce to enhance our use of the competencies and rating system.

For new employees having the ability to provide them with a plan and specific goals in the first week of their employment is a huge enhancement and provides a roadmap for success."