ProImage Press Regsiter Installed at Alva Review-Courier

March 10, 2015

Article by: New ProImage America Inc.

Princeton NJ – (6nd November 2014): The Alva Review-Courier is a semiweekly newspaper in Alva Oklahoma. For as long as they can remember it has suffered with poor registration and fan-out problems. So much so they have lost some advertisers and have been unwilling to take on commercial work for fear of dissatisfied customers.
ProImage Press Register software has solved the problem.

Lynn L. Martin publisher of the Review Courier and the The Newsgram a free newspaper distributed to all homes in a three-county area said “We may be one of the smallest Press Register users with only three one-hour shifts (1200-1500 copies) and one three-hour shift per week (13 400 copies) – that s six hours of press-work per week – so even though we can t claim savings of thousands of dollars in paper waste reduction – we do save approximately 5% – however our advantage is pride in our product and revenue gain because of significantly improved quality.

“We are glad we invested in Press Register. It has definitely solved the fan-out issue and we have had many newspaper advertiser and reader complimentary comments saying how much better our color looks. We are no longer losing advertisers because of poor color reproduction and would feel confident in taking on outside printing jobs that we wouldn t have considered before.”

About ProImage Press Register
ProImage Press Register overcomes poor registration by performing precise digital scaling of the entire plate image for each separation at a very high degree of precision. It therefore corrects mis-registration on the printing press without the need to touch or modify the press. The application can scale rotate mirror and shift the image to be exposed on the plate. By processing the 1 bit TIFF of each individual separation (C M Y or K) to the appropriate size to compensate for any press misalignment or paper-stretch.

Rick Shafranek VP sales and marketing New ProImage. America Inc. says “It (Press Register} improves final print quality provides faster make ready reduce press stops due to registration and reduces waste.