Profitpackaging News

November 2, 2007

Article by: Profitpackaging Inc.

We at Profitpackaging want to thank PAGE Co-op for inviting us to participate as a Preferred Supplier in the Co-op. We look forward to being a very active participant in Co-op activities.

In recent News Profitpackaging Inc. has enjoyed a brisk business in the fall of 2007. Installations of the P3 Label and Note Applicator around the country this fall include:

Chicago Sun Times – 5 machines
Napa California
Owensboro KY
Devens Mass.
Danbury CT
Brooklyn NY – 2 machines
Newsweb ( Chicago )
Helena MT
Idaho Falls ID
Billings MT – 2 machines
Lincoln Nebraska

In November Profitpackaging expects a large number of installations.

The P3 Note and Label Applicator is a great portable device to generate revenue save labor and time.

Recently Profitpackaging sold with one of the P3 applicators a Big Stuff Vacuum Feeder off line mail base. Today newspaper products are proving difficult to be fed in the conventional shuttle feed pockets which most off line bases use. The vacuum pockets which most inserters use along with the Big Stuff pile breaking cylinder make it ideal for small to very large products. The Big Stuff feeder was sold to Mt. Pleasant Michigan.

In the near future Profitpackaging will introduce replacement delivery conveyors for Kansa and Muller Inserters along with on line tabber tables to work with the P3.

A part of the current used equipment items Profitpackaging has to offer today are:

Muller 4-1 227S Inserter
Kansa J-1 480 Inserter
2 Muller 310 Stackers
Rima RS 10 Stackers
Dynaric NP2 Strappers
Muller 235 6 Pocket Stitcher
Malow Tie Machine
Quipp Floor and Mattop Conveyor