Probably one of the best iPad newspaper designs…even before iPad existed

August 25, 2010

Article by: Protecmedia Corp.

Unedisa has extended the content of its “Orbyt” project adding its financial newspaper Expansion to the already existing El Mundo.

Miami FL. August 25 2010. Orbyt is a very innovative project in Journalism that was launched in Spain by El Mundo the 3rd of March exactly one month before the availability of the first iPad in the US. Although initially it was accessible only through an internet browser it surprised nobody when shortly after launching it was also available for iPhone devices and afterwards announced for iPad. Given its characteristics it was a natural progression of the product. It is a new paid-for “publication” generated seamlessly by the same newspaper newsroom whose aim is that the subscriber “live and experiment” Journalism in a new way.

Unedisa newspaper El Mundo with 300 000 copies daily is the second printed newspaper in Spain after El Pais but it is the unchallenged “numero uno” in internet for the Spanish-speaking world with 25 million unique users (according to Nielsen ratings) of its free-access website. El Mundo is also known for their pioneering spirit that keeps innovating and looking for new business formulas able to grow its audiences and advertisers around its brand. For a monthly fee of 15 Euro or a daily rate Orbyt takes advantage of today’s best technology to deliver quality journalism in the form of a new product.

The good news is that there are people wanting to pay for it. According to the Executive Editor Pedro J. Ramirez subscribers are “people that want more than just having a quick look at the free news portals and they recognize the value added given by in-depth news analysis and the unique quality journalism of our columnists.” By end of June they have reached 11 700 subscribers almost five times the goal that was set for year end.

Orbyt/El Mundo has four areas: a Newsstand (“Kiosk”) with all the 20 regional El Mundo dailies and with all of the weekly sections and magazines; Tu Mundo (“Your World”) is the interactive area where subscribers can share their views about the writers’ articles the op-eds or even Editorial opinions and where they can create their own blog; Documenta gives full access to 20 years of newspaper archives where one can review investigative files what happened on this day in History or other remarkable events; finally Dutyfree which handles leisure products and services and offers coupons and prize drawings just for subscribers. More than 10 000 subscribers have already taken advantage of special offers that range from Opera Theater boxes to intercontinental flights.

Now financial newspaper Expansion has also been added to the project under the ExpansionPro name. Unedisa has followed with Orbyt/ExpansionPro a similar pattern of content areas to El Mundo with five different sections. In the Archive area it includes Formation which has always been an integral part of Expansion activity. It translates to the digital world the various seminars courses and analysis addressed to business people eager to improve their management skills and their financial savvy. Ramirez doesn’t rule out opening the door to other publishers. “Orbyt is a newsstand” he says.

In the background the Protecmedia editorial technology Milenium Cross Media and its Integrated Newsroom concept is feeding the project and making it possible.
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