Printec Blankets Announces Exclusive PAGE Pricing

May 28, 2008

Article by: Printec Blankets (Explan International Trade Inc.)

Printec Blankets a new PAGE Preferred Supplier announces the exclusive pricing for PAGE members only! 3-ply blankets are priced at $.055 per square inch. 4-ply and No-pack blankets are priced at $.059 per square inch. Bars are priced at $.18 per linear inch.

A sample price for a 3-ply blanket would be $59.00 based on the dimensions of 24.06”L X 35”W X .067 with bars. A 4-ply or No-pack blanket with the dimensions of 46”L X 26”W X .086 would cost $79.92 with bars.

For an exact quote for your blanket size please contact Rod Arnold at 703-964-6782 or Greg Troop at 703-862-6131

Printec Blankets is a leading distributor of offset printing blankets to the newspaper and commercial printing industry in North America. Based in Fort Lauderdale Printec has experienced exponential sales growth since its inception in 1989. Printec has reached it current level of success through its strong commitment to customer service and quality product.