Prime UV has equipped over Eighty 4-High Coldset Web Newspaper Presses with Prime UV Curing Processors

March 5, 2008

Article by: Prime UV Systems

For 20 years Prime UV has manufactured powerful and reliable UV systems for printers converters and packagers around the world curing UV inks at maximum press speeds exceeding 2 000 fpm and 80 000 iph.

In 2000 Prime UV and Flint Ink teamed up with Buffalo News Press to research and test the feasibility of running UV inks on a coldset newspaper press to print vibrant 4-color covers and flyers on supercalendered and coated stock stocks previously incompatible with the coldset process. A year later in June of 2002 Dauphin Graphic Machines installed Prime UV processors on the DGM 440 in their manufacturing facility in Elizabethville PA for in-house testing customer training and offered UV seminars to coldset web printers.

The results were positive and in 2003 Prime UV became the first UV system manufacturer to install UV processors on a 4-high coldset web press for commercial use. Danish printer Fjerritslev Tryk purchased a Prime UV curing system for their Global Web Systems’ 4-High Web Press. Fjerritslev Tryk is now printing catalogs and magazines in vibrant 4-color on coated and supercalendered stocks for publishing companies industrial companies and they are also a big sub supplier to other printeries. Fjerritslev Tryk is the only non-heatset company in Denmark printing Din A5 and Din A4 sizes.

Now in 2008 Prime UV proudly announces they have equipped over eighty 4-Highs with Prime UV Curing Processors. Prime UV Curing Systems enable printers & publishers to print jobs previously printed on heatset presses.

Prime UV is helping newspaper printers and publishers around the world expand into new markets and increase revenue by printing vibrant 4-color work on coated papers supercalendered stocks and newsprint. Among the new products they can print are inserts catalogs tabloids and covers. Prime UV has installed systems across the U.S. Canada Mexico Central and South America Europe India Russia and the Middle East.

Diario Panorama Maracaibo Venezuela has completed installation of two additional Tensor 4-High presses each equipped with a Prime UV Curing System. With these new installations along with the pair of Tensor 4-Highs installed in 2005 Diario Panorama now has a total of four Tensor 4-Highs outfitted with Prime UV Curing Systems.

Interco Print (formerly Trader Publishing) first installed the Prime UV Curing System on their DGM 440 press at their facility in Clearwater FL. Previously depending on heatset presses to print covers & inserts – Interco is now utilizing Prime UV to print those jobs with quality matching heatset. Interco facilities have added additional DGM presses equipped with Prime UV to their facilities in Loganville PA Phoenix AZ and most recently St. Charles IL.

Headquartered in Carol Stream IL with sales and service offices located throughout North America Central & South America Europe and Asia and over 3 500 UV and IR system installations on high-speed web and sheetfed presses.

Prime UV Curing Systems eliminate all natural gas expenses and are an environmentally friendly green technology. Prime UV Curing Systems install easily on all new and existing coldset web/newspaper presses including; Goss MDGM GWS Tensor TPH Manugraph WPC MAN Roland KBA Wifag TKS Solna and more!

Known worldwide for their high-speed UV curing systems for coldset web presses Prime UV Curing Systems are exceptionally reliable rigorously tested to ensure superior performance and manufactured in the USA.

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