Presteligence Introduces My News 360

March 9, 2016

Article by: Presteligence Inc.

March 9 2016-North Canton Ohio

Presteligence an industry leading software developer and innovator announces a new hosted service solution for publishers which allows for multi-channel delivery of content to desktop phones and tablets. Most importantly it include all content (free & paid) + e-edition; bundled into one App. My News 360 provides methods for publishers to ingest content enhance content and deliver content from one web portal.

Standard-Democrat (Sikeston Missouri) will be the first newspaper to deploy My News 360 to its full capacity—meaning they will use the My News 360 CMS website hosting and apps.

“My News 360 will dramatically change our editorial workflow to allow more efficiency in the newsroom while providing an improved more cohesive user experience across all platforms.”

-Don Culbertson General Manager

Standard-Democrat is currently a My News e-edition customer who has experienced difficulty supplying related content due to a lack of a content management system. My News 360 will allow reporters to post news and assets via the portal. Content will be published to the web mobile tablet apps and social media and automatically exported into a format for print. While in the field reporters will be able to write stories upload photos and videos and receive notifications when users engage with their posts. The built-in video platform will eliminate the need to utilize Facebook as their video publishing arm. With My News 360 they can share videos to Facebook—sending traffic to their own site and embedding pre-roll advertising to monetize it.

My News 360 will give Standard-Democrat a customized app for Apple iTunes and Google Play both of which they were previously lacking. The latest app version gives publishers the ability to partner with area retailers to provide free access to the newspaper while in the perimeter of a location’s beacon. This offers publishers an opportunity to reach new audiences convert casual readers to subscribers and expand relationships with their advertising clients.

Rather than having an app for news and a separate app for their digital replica users can download one app from Standard-Democrat and access everything they need. It also supports such integration as print delivery start/stops and supports on-demand navigation menu changes as well as a multitude of subscription models and paywall integrations.

Standard-Democrat will integrate their DFP account for ad placement on their website phone and apps. The system supports in-stream advertising interstitials and sponsorships as well as other revenue-generating widgets they choose to place on their website.

My News 360 provides audience insights by compiling data from a variety of sources to deliver content ads and subscription offers to readers based on personal preferences and content consumption.

about Presteligence

With more than 1100 installations Presteligence offers a suite of solutions including online ad proofing e-tearsheets & invoice delivery + payment color calibrated hard and soft proofing systems prepress production workflow ink optimization print production consolidation projects web cms digital replicas high school sports management platform and mobile apps. These cost-effective and time efficient solutions combined with the responsive support team make Presteligence a best-in-class partner for media companies.

about my news 360

My News 360 combines news photos and videos from multiple sources and provides multi-channel delivery to web apps and third parties. The core of the service is the content enhancement center which allows users to tag assets enrich stories with photos and videos and manage content for an optimal user experience. My News 360 bundles news (free + paid) and e-edition into one bundled app.