Presteligence Commended for Support Well-Done

February 15, 2008

February 15 2008 – (North Canton OH and Little Rock AR) –

Presteligence’s project management and support infrastructure strengthens Presteligence as a vendor to newspapers. It is not unusual for many of our customers to comment on the quality and efficiency of our support team. It was however an expected compliment from Clay Carson IT Manager of Arkansas Democrat-Gazette to say “The best feature of NewsXtreme is the Presteligence Support Team. Support has been incredible. Each and every one of them has bent over backwards to resolve a problem and they all know what they are talking about.” Just after the NewsXtreme installation Democrat-Gazette had some problems with a network card failure over the Christmas holiday. “The support guys vpn’d in everyday to restart our server when we were short staffed ” noted Carson.

Presteligence installed NewsXtreme three Rips and Blackmagic News Extra in Arkansas. Many of the features of NewsXtreme increased the speed of production. NewsXtreme’s ability to add plate furniture in one step really streamlined Arkansas’s efficiency and accuracy. Previously designers used all different templates and placed optical bender and registration marks on it manually. NewsXtreme now handles this seamlessly and eliminates Arkansas’s need to update 10 or more templates for each designer when a change takes place. “Many times designers would use an old template by accident one that was saved on their PC. This problem is now eliminated. It’s much easier and data is more consistent ” says Carson.

As one of the few remaining statewide newspapers in the United States Democrat-Gazette’s circulation reaches 180 661 in all 75 Arkansas counties. All products are being processed through NewsXtreme. They are constantly printing extra sections preprint inserts for Sunday’s paper in addition to their advanced runs during the day and main runs at night. Carson feels that they are saving at least twenty minutes on press startup and could not do it without NewsXtreme.