Presteligence Adds to Product Portfolio with Ink Optimization Installs at Canton Repository

September 29, 2008

Presteligence is pleased to announce its new Ink Optimization software which will be installed at The Repository (Canton Ohio).

The Repository will begin implementation and testing in September. They will run press tests with their files ‘as is’ and compare those to plates with optimized files. The analysis will measure the amount of ink used on each press run in dollars per impression and will also compare the quality of the pages. “We are anxious to see the amount of savings and improvement in image quality that Presteligence’s ink optimization will deliver ” says Kevin Ackerman Vice President of Operations at The Repository.

The software optimizes the PDF with Grey Component Replacement (GCR) using device-link profiles. It looks at the color make-up of an image and determines the C M and Y content of the image that is used to produce grey and replaces it with an equivalent amount of less expensive black ink. Presteligence expects The Repository to see a savings of 15-30% in ink consumption as a result. “The Rep is an ideal candidate for Ink Optimization. They are delivering pages to press in a state of the art manner with a GOSS digital inking system new CTP equipment Presteligence NewsXtreme workflow and Presteligence Xtreme Inking presets ” said Randy Plant VP of Operations for Presteligence.

Presteligence ink optimization is available as a stand alone system or as a module of Presteligence’s workflow application NewsXtreme.