Pressreader: Infuse New Life and New Revenue Into All Your Content

June 15, 2020

Article by: PressReader

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As a result of COVID-19, people are flocking to trusted content more than ever to inform, educate, and entertain themselves.  But with ad revenues plummeting, how can you capitalize on that?  Two words: Branded Editions.

Traditionally, you had to build and maintain multiple products to serve different audiences.  But today’s consumers want a seamless, integrated reading experience for all your content (print, web, apps) in one place. By combining all of your content into one app with an industry-leading viewer, Branded Editions technology, powered by PressReader:

  • Eliminates the two-app strategy and costs
  • Combines your audiences and your understanding, from a data perspective, of who your readers are, what interests them, and how to upsell them
  • Augments your digital replica with engaging features such as breaking news, story updates, videos, slideshows, sharing, narration, translation into multiple languages, and archives
  • Creates new advertising opportunities such as ad inserts for feed-based content or interstitials between articles

With Branded Editions, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette converted 79% of its print subscribers to its Digital Replica with a free iPad.  ADG won the 2020 Mega-Innovation Award for this initiative, which set them on a path back to profitability.

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