PRESSflo & INK-It Bring Immediate Cost Savings to your Pressroom

June 10, 2011

Article by: Polkadots Software

Polkadots Software Inc. the leading CtP production workflow developer specializing in workflow automation for newspaper and commercial printers announces the immediate availability of PRESSflo – Automated Press Adjustments including INK-it – Ink Saving and Optimization.

PRESSflo is a unique integration of technologies created to make any printing press run better. Using PRESSflo will guarantee better registration reduced paper and ink waste and thanks to its easy point and click interface it will take less time and labor to get the job done. Some of the key features of PRESSflo include:

Web Growth Compensation for all Presses (Web Stretch adjustment)
• Easier and better registration handled automatically at the RIP
• Higher quality printing achieved immediately
CIP3 Ink Presetting
• CIP3 *.ppf files generated for presses equipped with digital consoles
• Created instantly from the same data used to make plates or film
Ink Key Presets for manual ink key lever presses
• Digital output to ink key reports for manual ink lever presses
• Digital output of ink key numbers on the bottom of the plate for simple ink setting
Registration Compensation (Digital Cocking and Shimming of film or plates prior to imaging)
• Automatically adjust image on plate or film to compensate for press or environmental conditions.
• Addresses individual press characteristics
Ink Optimization – immediately reduce your color ink by an average of 25% or more
• Save money and make jobs easier to print at the same time
• Faster make ready times and reduced waste

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