Press Release: Introducing New Thermal Plate for Newspaper Market

May 12, 2009

Article by: Fujifilm Graphic Systems USA Inc.

VALHALLA N.Y. (March 9 2009) FUJIFILM Graphic Systems U.S.A. Inc. announced today an addition to the company’s family of printing plates for the newspaper segment. The Fujifilm Brillia LH-NN2 thermal plate which is designed specifically for longer runs is now available nationwide.

“The LH-NN2 plate is an addition to our extensive line of newspaper plates and is designed for publishers who need a thermal plate compatible with the 830nm infrared lasers that many operations are using ” explains Jim Crawford Fujifilm’s group manager for consumables.

The LH-NN2 plate has a run length of 300 000 impressions and is approved for 1-99% at 100 lpi yielding high-quality tone reproduction and dot integrity and giving users the level of quality and reliability for which Fujifilm is known.

Like other plates in Fujifilm’s Brillia series the LH-NN2 plate employs a double-coated photosensitive layer which delivers enhanced durability compared to other CTP plates. The double-coated photosensitive layer also provides outstanding resistance to scratches facilitating ease of handling in the pressroom.

The enhanced MultiGrain surface structure of Brillia LH-NN2 makes it easier to run on press with optimized ink and water balance. Wide processing latitude enables improved developing efficiency for a thermal plate that really delivers exceptional on press results.