Philadelphia Media Network Integrates its Print and Digital Productions in the Cloud with SAXOTECH s Comprehensive Multi-Channel Publishing Solution

November 17, 2011

Tampa Fla. – November 17 2011 – SAXOTECH a leader in content management circulation and advertising technology announced today editorial workflow and digital media production will now successfully benefit Philadelphia Media Network Inc. (PMN) parent company and publisher of The Philadelphia Inquirer Philadelphia Daily News Philadelphia Sportsweek and as the company moves to transform its newsroom publishing systems. PMN will combine its print and digital productions into one unified newsroom built on the SAXOTECH Mediaware Center platform. PMN announced earlier this summer their Project Liberty initiative which highlighted the digital transformation for many of their products while emphasizing their appreciation for innovative technology resources. SAXOTECH’s integration with PMN’s current production objectives further complements their Project Liberty mission.

The Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Daily News has a rich history and well established track record of delivering quality news products to their readers. With SAXOTECH Philadelphia Media Network will be updating its current content management system to a more efficient yet versatile solution that is uniquely designed to produce multi-media content for both its digital products and daily print editions. The largest statewide newspaper in Philadelphia will empower more than 400 staff members who support three print editions and to contribute coordinate and collaborate on content in a 24-hour news publishing environment using SAXOTECH’s multi-channel Mediaware Center.

“We currently have a quilt of applications that we sew together; we can get the job done but it’s not effective and requires a lot of maintenance – we needed a single platform solution to get rid of our existing production silos ” said Jeff Berger vice president and chief information officer Philadelphia Media Network. “We were looking for a deeply integrated solution that could bring our newsroom into one system. We looked at several solutions in the marketplace and went through an extensive process of evaluating them. We thought SAXOTECH had the most of everything that we wanted in a solution and they had it available today.”

At the core of the SAXOTECH Mediaware Center are the editorial tools needed to provide content producers at Philadelphia Media Network with an intuitive interface for managing news content across multiple media. Newsroom staff will have the same advanced planning writing and editing functionality for online content that is used for print content management. PMN’s newsroom managers will now be better prepared with SAXOTECH s technology to respond to breaking news events by increasing the productivity of the online news staff.

“Within our publishing ecosystem we focus on shortening the distance between newsroom production and publishing ” said Anders Christiansen chief executive officer SAXOTECH. “This move will provide the end-to-end workflow needed to enable Philadelphia Media Network to reach news consumers based on their preferences. Whether readers prefer the Web RSS mobile and tablet devices or other rich media formats SAXOTECH will provide the production tools needed to serve high volumes of content to multiple digital channels.”

The benefits of an integrated newsroom were important to Philadelphia Media Network and Berger added “The implementation of the SAXOTECH Mediaware Center will create a more efficient workflow. The one content platform brings everything together – the workflow keeps everyone on the same page from writing a story editing page layout managing assets through final production all generating greater efficiencies.”

Philadelphia Media Network will take advantage of the benefits of cloud computing to provide its news consumers best-of-class online response times enhanced functionality and with an improved user experience. The centralized solution will be hosted and managed by SAXOTECH’s professional services group.

“Having the solution in the cloud was an important component to us when making our final decision ” said Berger. “We didn’t want to self-host any more. The hardware maintenance was a drain on time and resources which now can be dedicated to other projects. The cloud also provided a more mobile workforce whether you are in the office at home or out on a story the news gets published supporting where we need to go as a company.”

“Philadelphia Media Network has enjoyed a long history of producing quality news products and we are pleased they have chosen SAXOTECH to take them into the next-generation of news publishing particularly at a time when PMN’s Project Liberty initiative is capturing the attention of their readers with unprecedented technology-driven products and concepts ” added Christiansen. “By integrating their newsroom within the cloud we are confident PMN will be able to leverage immediate publishing benefits while continuing to focus on their audience and award-winning content.”

Philadelphia Media Network is a current customer of SAXOTECH. In 2009 the media company selected SAXOTECH’s enterprise-level Circulation WebCirc and E-solicitor systems.

About Philadelphia Media Network
Philadelphia Media Network Inc. (PMN) is the owner of The Philadelphia Inquirer Philadelphia Daily News Philadelphia Sportsweek and With its multiple brand platforms and integrated print and digital products PMN is the region’s largest media network and the industry’s technological leader and innovator. PMN reaches an average weekly audience of 2.2 million adults – more than the combination of the three evening television news shows or the combination of those radio stations ranked in the top ten during drive-time programming.

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