Payway Adds File Processing Functionality to its Gateway

January 4, 2018

Article by: Payway

(Danvers Mass. January 4 2018) –Payway® announced today that it has added file processing functionality to its payment gateway. The new feature went live on December 21 and enables users to upload a file of credit card transactions to the Payway payment manager for processing.

File processing functionality is a useful tool for consolidating payments from different sources in cases where development to a real time Payway API is not possible or is cost prohibitive. Two methods for submitting credit card transactions for processing are supported. One option is for users to directly submit a transaction file to Payway. Alternatively individual credit cards can be securely tokenized through the payment manager then submitted as a file of tokenized transactions.

Payway’s management team added this functionality as part of its ongoing efforts to accommodate user enhancement requests and bring advanced features to its gateway. “Our customers know that they can count on us to listen to their needs and put forth a better product as a result ” said David Fabrizio Co-founder and Principal. “Over the past three decades Payway has delivered the latest proven technology to minimize the cost of payment processing and PCI compliance. The file processing feature is just one small example of how we are able to provide value to our customers.”

Daniel Nadeau Co-founder and Principal was the lead developer for the new functionality. “File processing is the first of several additional features that we are planning to add in 2018. We are excited that we are able to deliver functionality that not only meets our customers’ needs but exceeds them.”