PageSuite Joins Forces with The Boston Globe

May 17, 2016

Article by: PageSuite Limited

PageSuite has announced the launch of a brand new e-paper and app for the Boston Globe.

PageSuite has collaborated with the Boston Globe to develop their new desktop e-paper and app which is now available to download onto iOS and Android devices.

The custom e-paper features ‘article pop-ups’ which offer users an enhanced browsing experience when viewed on desktop mobile and tablet. PageSuite’s solution allows readers to download editions for offline reading view archived editions jump to specific sections and view supplements.

The new mobile and tablet app offers the Globe’s readers another way to view their content. It was developed using PageSuite’s Infinity app CMS and utilises additional functionality to further enrich their readers’ digital experience.

The app features the latest PDF replica of the daily newspaper as well as an extensive archive and supplementary publications; ‘Globe Magazine’ and ‘Parade Magazine’.

The Boston Globe chose to incorporate several features within the app in order to enhance engagement and interactivity. PageSuite assisted with the implementation of ‘article pop-ups’ within the reader the same feature that was implemented in the e-paper. The pop-ups allow the user to alter the size of the article text and enable the article to be shared directly to various social platforms. Both the article pop-ups and PDF pages can be downloaded and read offline at their audience’s convenience. iOS users are also able to print their favourite articles using Apple’s AirPrint technology giving them the capability to obtain full quality photos and stories straight from the app.

Udo Nelson Director of IT Support Production and Newsroom Technology at the Boston Globe said; “PageSuite has allowed us to improve stability time of availability and consistency across ePaper platforms. The PageSuite publication process is quite tolerant of the variables inherent to the print production process. When changes are necessary those changes can be made quickly and effortlessly without jeopardizing the edition. Aside from the product and process improvements our relationship with PageSuite has been the model of an ideal vendor relationship through both challenges and successes”.

The app is now available to download for both iOS and Android users and the e-paper can be accessed here.