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DENVER, CO, March 14, 2022–AdCellerant CEO and Co-Founder, Brock Berry, was published on Strixus–a community that features visionary leaders. Berry’s article covers the importance of synchronizing the c-suite with digital marketing teams. Within the article, Brock covers the importance of clear, interdepartmental alignment. Without this alignment, and having each individual or department collaborating effectively to reach a shared goal, it becomes difficult to grow and connect with consumers. With proper alignment comes growth, continuity, consistency, and success.

“It’s hard to effectively collaborate when teams believe they’re reaching for different goals,” Berry said. “Simultaneously, it’s hard to connect with consumers when they spot a difference between your brand’s perceived value and what your marketing says.”

Read the full Strixus article, The Benefits of Having Synchronized C-Suite and Digital Marketing Teams by Brock Berry.


About Strixus

Strixus is an invite-only, executive interview platform that features some of the most prominent, visionary leaders across the world. Individuals who publish on Strixus are executive leaders – individuals who inspire change through their knowledge and set and change the trends of the industry or the nation. Topics featured on Strixus include everything from leadership, technology, innovation, productivity, and executives.

About AdCellerant

AdCellerant provides businesses access to high-quality digital marketing technology and solutions through partnerships with media companies and agencies. Focused on generating results and growth for businesses of all sizes, AdCellerant offers best-in-class technology and software, award-winning customer service, expert education, and exceptional operational support to ensure campaign performance for customers.

Leveraging proprietary technology Ui.Marketing, AdCellerant effectively connects businesses with their ideal customer at the right time. Harnessing an easy-to-use and nimble digital advertising tool, users can manage the entire buyer’s journey from quick and accurate comprehensive proposal creation, campaign launch, and campaign performance. All within a single platform.

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PRISCO: January 2022 Blanket Price Increase

I wanted to update you on the recent communications from our blanket suppliers.  The most significant news is the expected acquisition of Trelleborg Blankets by Continental.  This announcement has been made public and will likely close some time in mid 2022 making Conti the largest manufacturer of printing blankets globally.

In the meantime both manufacturers have issued notices of increase due to the lingering effects of the pandemic.  I have attached a copy of the letters from Continental & Trelleborg.   This will serve as notice of a price increase that will take effect  on 1/1/2022.  The increase will be 4% for all Trelleborg materials as noted in the attached document.  The increase from Continental is 6% as noted in the attached letter,  however we are absorbing 2% and only passing along a 4% increase on all materials.


Patrick Cleghorn
Vice President of National Accounts
1337-J Wood Branch Drive
Charlotte, NC 28273
Office – 704-588-3860 x 8304
Fax – 704-588-3887
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Jet Micro: A Short Survey + You Could Win A New Wi-Fi System

New ProImage: Yuma Sun Taking Workflow Efficiency to the Max with NewsWayX

Proimage logo

Attached is the Press Release from New ProImage regarding Yuma Sun taking workflow efficiency to the max with NewsWayX.


Miller Bevco: Plastic Strapping & Pallet Wrap

MillerBevco Logo

Resin costs are on the increase.  If you have not compared pricing recently contact MillerBevco to get a competitive quote on any of your strapping needs or pallet wrap needs.   As a PAGE Platinum Supplier,  we offer the best prices for all PAGE members.  Contact Brooks Miller at toll free 800-821-2177 or by email at

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you and your family are healthy and safe as we enter this holiday season. Typically, I am bittersweet when the year is ending. I’m going to safely assume that we ALL are waiting for 2020 to end. More people have been working from home than ever before. This has changed the way companies need to secure their networks and the amount of infrastructure needed to operate efficiently and to leverage their investment in technology fully. I’m proud to say that so many of our clients are functioning very well during these difficult times.

I’m going to share some tips and tricks on staying safe while shopping online this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Apple has released its newest iPhone, and I’ll share the review with Fox 29 and, lastly, some ideas to stay connected.

Staying Connected

It has been nine months since I have included an event list in our newsletter. People would question how our team could be at so many places at once. We now have the opposite problem. Many indoor gatherings are not permitted, and it is getting too cold for outdoor events or golfing. It is important, though, for everyone to stay connected and still find ways to promote their business.

As many of you know, I’m an owner of Jerseyman/Phillyman and also very proud to be on the Board of the Chamber of Commerce Southern New Jersey. Both of these organizations are doing a great job of helping to connect folks. Jerseyman/Phillyman has been sponsoring a mix of outdoor events and virtual programming. The Chamber has done an amazing job with its virtual programming and keeping us all informed about what is going on legislatively with the virus and programs available to help small-business owners.

I recommend connecting with folks on LinkedIn via Zoom or some other sharing service. One thing I invested in was a light for my desk and my Zoom meetings, and it has made a big difference. If you want to get creative with your background, you can also purchase a green screen. I have seen people do some fun things with that.
Some other ideas:

· Make it a goal to connect with one new person a day – even if it is just for a 15-minute introduction call.
· Check out Lunch Club – it’s a free service that helps you to connect with folks from around the U.S. and also locally. I have met some great people on that service.
· Who is someone that you haven’t spoken to in a while? Pick up the phone and give them a call.

Also, I would use this time to update information on your LinkedIn and other social media platforms. I know many of us are guilty of not doing that. When you update your profile, your network will be alerted and might give one of your peers a reason to reach out and connect.

For more information on Jerseyman/Phillyman –

For more information on the Chamber of Commerce Southern New Jersey –


Learn more about Datto – one of our favorite backup products!

Join PCS and our Datto Sr. Product Specialist to learn more about the risks associated with your cloud data in an evolving threat landscape. We will cover how Datto SaaS Protection helps you align with Microsoft’s Shared Responsibility Model to regain control with data protection for cloud environments. We will also discuss how to position this offering to both existing and new partners as a competitive differentiator for your company.

Don’t miss out on what is becoming the new standard for cloud data protection.

December 17th at 11AM EST

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday

You can find some of the best deals of the year on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Black Friday has become more about online shopping than going to the mall in recent years. With COVID-19, I predict that online shopping will far eclipse in-store sales. This also creates opportunities for hackers to steal your banking information, credit card information, personal information, and more. Let’s stay safe, and here are some tips: PCS

1.  Create a separate email address for all of your online shopping. This will be an easy way to track your orders and spending. Also, it will prevent your main mailbox from being flooded with ads trying to sell you more things.

2.  Watch out for deals that are “too good” to be true.

3.  Only buy from reputable websites, and if your browser says the SITE IS NOT SECURE, do not put in your credit card information.

4.  Use a different password for each site and set up two-factor authentication if it is available.

5.   Have a separate credit card with a lower spend amount and use it just for online shopping.

6.   Do not use a debit card for online shopping.

It is essential to be aware of what you are doing and where you are going. Please make sure that you have an anti-virus and malware protection program in place. The Internet is not a safe place and clicking one link or mistakenly giving away your username and password can cause you problems for years and years to come.

All of the details for ALL of the new iPhones – click here for the story

As of 11/13/2020, Apple has released all versions of the new iPhone12. I was fortunate enough to go on Good Day Philadelphia with the little known brother of Tim Cook, Mike Cook. This will give you the information you need regarding all of the new iPhones.


IPC: When Will It All Be Over?

I’m sure you are as tired and stressed over this COVID OVERLOAD as much as I am.

IPC has been fortunate enough to be able to supply PPE products to many of our customers and it has been rewarding in some ways that we might have protected them from getting the virus. BUT, it is boring and not very creative. With that said…

What will the “NEW NORMAL” look like?

I agree with most of you in saying that this Industry that we have come to love will never be the same.

Whatever the New Normal will be, it will certainly not look like the Old Normal. Many of your clients will not return. Our customer base will be reduced. We need, (have to) work harder to take care of the customers that are still out there.

Be Creative and Unique! Don’t just be an Order Taker. Tell them why and how you can get them results. Inspire them to get creative with their advertising. Show them examples you have come up with for them.

We cannot follow the same old playbook; we have to create a unique and very profitable future for ourselves. A NEW INDEPENDENT model if you get my drift.

Your clients and prospective clients are very anxious to get back to business. This is a good thing for us.

Use a different approach and give them new ideas, address the new realities of the POST COVID world.

Remember, your customers, just like us, are reinventing themselves and reenergizing their business.Not only to survive but to thrive! Will your customers be calling you for help? Probably, maybe, maybe not. If they do, they will be expecting more from you, expecting “different”, and expect to pay less.

Are you ready for the challenge? Get ready now, act fast. Redo Website? Whatever it takes to move forward. After all, you too are in the Marketing business… So stop doing the same old thing and expecting a different result.

IPC is here when you need ideas and/or Promotional Products. (And of course, Poly Bags).

I am a firm believer in always leaving a little something behind when you call on a customer. Besides a business card that gets put in a drawer or trash can. As little as a nail file, box cutter, etc. and remember to budget Christmas gifts for your good advertisers!

Take advantage of our Tumbler offer for gifts! But most of all, you should be selling them to your advertisers! Every week, we are selling Tumblers to golf courses, marina’s, American Legion, etc. the sky is the limit!

SO, while you were debating if the glass was half empty or half full … I SOLD IT!

JetMicro service beyond the call logo
October Tech Update
Ebook: How to get buy-in from the C-suite for your IT project
Ebook: Pitching for success with IT projects
Your new IT project is brilliant – you know it will improve efficiency and transform the working lives of those who use it. Even so, if the CEO and CFO can’t see the investment’s outstanding business advantages, your project won’t get off the ground.
How to get executive buy-in
Impressively powerful
Unleash your efficiency with the OptiPlex 5070 Desktop – a full performance business desktop that delivers ultimate productivity in an innovative, compact design.
Expand your productivity
How to properly prepare for MS Exchange Server 2010’s end
The end is near – at least for one MS email product. When will it happen? And how can you ensure your business isn’t disrupted? Here’s what you need to know about Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 EOL.
Don’t let your email expire
Does your PC know how you work best?
Introducing the Latitude 9510 featuring Dell Optimizer, a built-in AI tool that intelligently increases your day-to-day performance by adapting to the way you work.
Learn more
How to create a harmonious hybrid office
The COVID-19 pandemic has acted as a cultural reset, and some companies that are gradually reopening have adopted a new “hybrid” structure. But what should you know before making your own business hybrid?
Find out
Intelligence and power like you’ve never seen
Meet the world’s smallest and thinnest 15″ mobile workstation. Designed for creators and professionals wanting a stylish mobile workstation that delivers awe-inspiring performance wherever you take it.
Upgrade your experience
Maximize application performance and density with a 1U chassis
The PowerEdge R640 is redefining dense compute by delivering the scalability, automation, and security businesses want – packaged in a dense 1U rack design and powered by up to two 2nd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors and Intel® Optane™ DC persistent memory.
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Jet Micro

Call Us: (800) 995-6968
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SLP: Ethyl Alcohol Sanitizer Available

Ethyl Alcohol Sanitizer you can trust from a U.S. company producing it right here in the U.S.
Dear fellow American business owner or manager…
My name is Steve Mattingly, Senior Vice President with Southern Lithoplate, Inc., often referred to as ‘SLP’ by many of our friends, customers and associates.

I am contacting you because I am seeing a lot of confusion about sanitizers in the market and an increasing mistrust of sanitizer suppliers. Some products being sold are seriously diluted resulting in inadequate effectiveness; others tragically, have methanol as their prime ingredient, which is very toxic. And much of it is coming from outside the US.

Steve Mattingly, Senior Vice President, Southern Lithoplate, Inc.Steve Mattingly
Senior Vice President
Southern Lithoplate, Inc.
SLP manufactures its sanitizer in Youngsville, NC and Grand Rapids, MI, shipping to customers across the U.S.
When it comes to something as important to American lives as sanitizer, during the COVID-19 pandemic, we believe a quality product from a company you can trust is absolutely crucial.

We manufacture our SLP Commercial Strength Sanitizer under W.H.O. approved formulas and strict FDA policy compliance.

Youngsville, NC and Grand Rapids, MI
Our 80% Ethanol (Ethyl) Alcohol safely kills COVID-19 germs in 30 seconds.
SLP is committed to producing safe, effective and dependable sanitizer now and in the future, as long as America has a need. SLP Commercial Strength Sanitizer is one of our principal products. We are not a bourbon distillery temporarily making sanitizer (many of whom are back producing bourbon for their tavern customers). 8-oz. trigger spray bottles shown8-oz. trigger spray bottles shown

Ours is a product our American employees are proud to make and provide for our fellow American businesses, communities and families.

Our sanitizer is affordable, competitively priced and ready to ship.
We have recently lowered our pricing on SLP Commercial Strength Sanitizer because of the support folks like you have shown us. We are sharing this success with our customers by offering some of the lowest costs you can find for quality sanitizer.

We offer a variety of containers and volumes for offices, food service, hospitality, janitorial, factory and home use. Visit our website, to learn more.

Just spray and walk away!Available in 8-oz bottles, gallons, 5-gallon pails and 55-gallon drums
Take 10% off our posted prices for your first order.
Southern Lithoplate Commercial Strength Sanitizer As a way of introducing you to our outstanding sanitizer, we will       take 10% off the cost of our already low prices. And if you are a     repeat purchaser, we also wish to reward your loyalty and offer         you 10% off as well.

It is my sincere hope, and that of our entire family of SLP employees, that you remain safe and healthy during these trying times. Thank you for your support and God bless!

Very truly yours,
Steve Mattingly Steve Mattingly
SLP Commercial Strength Sanitizer

Southern Lithoplate Inc. ORDER TODAY! Call: 1-800-638-7990
Fax: 1-919-554-0786