PAGE Cooperative forms partnership with Wholesale Merchant Group for Private Client Merchant Card Processing

February 25, 2013

Members will save significantly on credit card processing fees while experiencing superior in house customer service

Weston FL (February 2013)— PAGE today announced it has reached a partnership agreement with Wholesale Merchant Group (WMG) for Merchant Services. PAGE members will receive exclusive pricing and rebates on WMG transaction services. WMG will offer in house Private Client customer sales and service to all PAGE members.

“PAGE is the leader in improving the profitability of the newspaper and publishing industry ” said Josh Scheiner Partner at WMG. “Combining their specialty knowledge and footprint with our industry leading pricing and services is a great opportunity. PAGE members will get the best of both worlds: superior service and significant savings.”

About Wholesale Merchant Group

WMG is a leading provider of card payment to small and medium sized merchants across the United States. WMG works hand in hand with PAGE members to ensure industry regulations are met including PCI Compliance and EIN Validation. WMG’s services enable PAGE members to process transactions using their existing terminals software or payment gateway. WMG offers members next day funding for all card transactions. For additional information visit