Omaha World-Herald to Integrate Print and Digital Publishing with the SAXOTECH Mediaware Center(TM)

June 26, 2008

Article by: SAXOTECH Inc.

TAMPA Fla. – June 23 2008 – Editorial workflow will gain unprecedented efficiencies and digital media production will seamlessly integrate with the newsroom as the Omaha World-Herald embarks on an overhaul of its newsroom technology systems. The World-Herald will build its next-generation integrated print and digital content management architecture on the SAXOTECH Mediaware Center.

The World-Herald publisher of both morning and evening print products and has established a track record of thorough evaluation and investment into automation and its selection of SAXOTECH to provide an enterprise content management system for print and web involved an extensive needs analysis. The only statewide newspaper in Nebraska – serving more than 500 cities and towns – will empower more than 200 staff members to contribute coordinate and collaborate on content in a 24-hour news publishing environment using SAXOTECH’s multi-channel Mediaware Center.

“We were looking for a content management system that would be efficient yet versatile ” said Executive Editor Larry King. “We need a system that our staff can use with ease and confidence but that is sophisticated enough to produce multi-media content for our online and mobile digital products as well as our five editions a day a metro zoned product and numerous niche publications. After considerable research and discussions we chose SAXOTECH and we are confident our partnership will bring the desired results.”

Jeff Carney assistant managing editor and leader of the CMS selection committee stated: “Our legacy online and editorial systems are a decade old and proprietary. Why we went in search of a replacement CMS is obvious … we needed a single platform solution to get rid of our existing production silos. SAXOTECH’s Mediaware Center will help prepare our newsroom for the future by giving us tools necessary to work in a channel-agnostic world.”

Editorial Workflow For Web and Print
At the core of the SAXOTECH Mediaware Center are the editorial tools needed to provide Omaha newsroom professionals with an intuitive interface for managing news content across multiple media. Journalists will leverage the same advanced planning writing and editing functionality for web content that is used for print content management. “This represents a breakthrough on many fronts for traditional news publishers ” said Anders Christiansen president and CEO of SAXOTECH. “The Mediaware Center is the first turn-key enterprise-wide solution for channel-agnostic content management in a media company and the World-Herald is leading the way with this enterprise-wide paradigm shift.”

Using the Mediaware Center journalists at Omaha will be positioned for web-first publishing to break news online web-only publishing to feed online products with content exclusive to digital media and print production with production using Adobe CS3. All content will be created maintained and archived in one location.
Robust Online Publishing Platform

The Mediaware Center solution being deployed by the Omaha World-Herald includes SAXOTECH’s robust online publishing platform and application development framework enabling content to flow seamlessly from the newsroom to an array of digital channels. Digital media managers will be positioned to quickly respond to emerging news events and market opportunities by increasing the productivity of the online news staff.

SAXOTECH will provide managed web hosting services for the site as well as new products enabled by the Mediaware Center deployment.

“We are impressed by the insight and attention to detail the team at Omaha has dedicated throughout the selection process ” said Anders Christiansen. “The World-Herald is the largest employee-owned news publisher in the United States and it is very clear that everyone’s needs in the organization have been considered.”

About Omaha World-Herald
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