Next generation AdSEND goes live in US

April 1, 2009

Article by: AdSEND / Vio

New browser-based architecture will improve functionality lower costs and drive business growth

Cranbury NJ April 1 2009 — AdSEND a division of Vio Worldwide announced that its enhanced ad delivery and retrieval system is live. The new system includes many new features for both advertisers and publishers.

“We’ve received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our newspaper customers regarding the shift from delivering ads over the satellites and servers to the Internet ” said AdSEND President Al Edwards. “Customers are reporting that the replacement publisher product iQ Chaser™ is easy to install and configure and will be far easier to maintain than the previous set up.”

iQ Chaser replaces the satellite and server feed in that it allows for ads to be automatically downloaded to the publishers’ chosen destination which is a must for large publishers who cannot afford to spend time manually downloading each and every ad that they receive.

For advertisers the new AdSEND offers improvements as well. Concurrent users can be logged on at once all performing tasks associated with their individual roles in the workflow. For example a production team member can create tickets and send ads while an account representative can view the status and track important campaigns.

With the new AdSEND advertisers have access to any publication within AdSEND’s global community. That includes newspapers and magazines from the United States Canada Mexico and the U.K. and the list is continually being expanded and will soon include access to titles in Australia New Zealand and South Africa.

AdSEND’s XML AdsML and JDF compliant architecture will enable publishers and advertisers to integrate ad delivery directly into their internal workflows booking and billing systems. In turn this will directly help in avoiding costly errors disputes and time-consuming reconciliation.

“All of these enhancements are precursors to even more exciting features that will be available shortly ” said Mr. Edwards. “We will be offering the ability to have ads arrive at publications sized and preflighted which will drive down costs and save time—something we know all publications are striving for right now.”

Mr. Edwards also explained that the company fundamentally changed their platform in order to support their growing customer base and their desire to shift to a SaaS (Software as a Service) model. He states that the pay-as-you-go structure has been extremely well received among customers looking to avoid large capital expenditures during the current economic downturn.

Advertisers can also look forward to a new application iQ Pro which includes an Adobe® InDesign® plug in. This allows graphic designers to choose a publication and ad size within InDesign and obtain a perfectly sized ad template in real time.

The old and new AdSEND systems will be running in parallel from April 1 through April 15. For more information on sending or receiving ads through AdSEND call 800-823-7363 or email

About AdSEND:
AdSEND specializes in hosted solutions that join businesses processes and communities through innovation. The company offers a broad spectrum of tools serving the diverse needs of the publishing industry. Tens of thousands of users around the world depend on AdSEND—advertisers and their suppliers for automating ad creation proofing and fulfillment and publishers for their ad checking and managed reception. AdSEND is a division of Vio Worldwide Ltd. which has offices in the U.S. U.K. and France. Vio Worldwide is part of LMS Capital plc ( a UK-based quoted company with over £250 million in assets.

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