NewsXtreme Helps Publishers with Move to CTP

May 31, 2012

Article by: Presteligence Inc.

Presteligence an industry leading software developer and innovator installed NewsXtreme Production Workflow at The Garden Island in Lihue Hawaii earlier this month. The prepress software purchase was part of a film to CTP conversion.

Presteligence installed NewsXtreme 2.8 which afforded Lihue the ability to take advantage of NewsXtreme’s improved approach to fan-out. Garden Island has configured the anamorphic fan-out to account for web stretch. Shrinking the plate tiffs results in better press registration for the 7 day a week newspaper owned by Lee Enterprises.

Richard Stein IT Manager at The Garden Island was heavily involved in the installation and training of NewsXtreme. He found ways to shave minutes off processing time by creating a new path for reprocessing a corrected black plate. Coined “Remake Black” when dropped into the appropriate folder the system will process only the black separation when resending a corrected page. “This is very common” noted Mike Pisani Lead Technical Manager at Presteligence “the remake black folder makes it easier and faster to re-plate only the black when there’s a typo or other correction needed.”

Meanwhile having used NewsXtreme since February Goldsboro News-Argus modified a few functions in the system as they installed CTP earlier this spring. These changes allowed them to better take advantage of the efficiencies NewsXtreme offers. They modified their approval process for plates needing direct printing. They also found that adjusting the output file name would be helpful so if they needed to rerun a plate they could more easily find the specific page they needed. Prior to CTP this was more of a manual process so the output file name didn’t affect their production efficiency.

David Rouse Network Manager has been very pleased with the NewsXtreme solution and service. “We are very happy with Support s above-and-beyond attitude. We had a last minute issue with using the bitmap operations to flip our color for direct printing (because our plates have asymmetrical punches) Support worked out a solution for us even though we were outside the published feature set. We ve all been very impressed.”

Presteligence continues to add enhancements to NewsXtreme specifically features built for the additional commercial jobs publishers have taken on as print facilities are regionalized.


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About Presteligence:

With more than 1100 installations worldwide developing and delivering software and services to the newspaper industry has successfully been the foundation of Presteligence. We offer a suite of solutions including online ad proofing e-tearsheets & invoice delivery color calibrated hard and soft proofing systems production workflow e-editions and mobile Apps. These cost-effective and time efficient solutions combined with our responsive support team make Presteligence a best-in-class partner for publishers.

About NewsXtreme

NewsXtreme is a powerful fully integrated and easy to maintain workflow management system for film and CTP production environments. Its flexible page pairing and imposition engine support up to 16-up plate configurations with dynamic page furniture and bar codes. Customized product schedules can be created in minutes with double trucks dinkies and multiple plate configurations all within the same schedule using the step-by-step “product planning” wizard. The external soft proofing and page approval’s popularity has gained traction as publishers take on more commercial jobs. The system’s calibration management and separation locking technology ensures the highest output quality. Key features include Web browser interface rule based intelligent file routing load balancing soft proofing with page and plate approval built-in redundancy e-mail error notifications fan-out creep adjustment and production tracking and management.