Newspaper Toolbox to launch new Web-based services to help newspapers make more money

February 4, 2014

Article by: Newspaper Toolbox

On February 13 2014 Newspaper Toolbox will launch four new Web services to help daily and weekly newspapers boost ad sales. Newspaper Toolbox is a leading supplier of ready-to-sell advertising concepts reader contests special sections and editorial content for the North American newspaper industry.

Along with a new logo and new look for both its print and online publications Newspaper Toolbox now offers subscribers tailor made Web options that will make selling ads and building ad campaigns easier than ever before.

1) The smart ad campaign
The new Personal Sales Calendar allows advertising directors to fill in their sales calendars with a click of the mouse while they browse original advertising ideas and page templates in Toolbox s current issue and online archives. Since Toolbox understands that planning is central in order to reach any level of success in the newspaper business the online sales calendar can be annotated with links to concepts for the next month quarter or year.

2) Tailored searches
The new Search by Advertiser search option enables sales reps to plan optimal ad campaigns for every category of advertiser they service.

3) My Page
Our new My Page feature offers sales tips website tutorials recorded webinars and ideas from people in the industry to help inspire publishers and sales and marketing departments.

4) PayPal
Our new payment option will make subscribing and paying easier directly from the Newspaper Toolbox home page.

Newspaper Toolbox’s new family of Web services heralds even more ways for newspapers to reach their financial goals for the 2014 year and beyond.

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