NEWSflo the Choice of More Newspapers

February 19, 2008

Article by: Polkadots Software

Polkadots Software Inc. the leading CtP production workflow developer specializing in newspaper workflow is pleased to announce the recent installations of NEWSflo into several North American newspaper production sites.

The Republican American in Waterbury Connecticut has installed 2 full NEWSflo configurations. NEWSflo was chosen to replace the existing newspaper workflow. The decision to buy NEWSflo was made even easier since the cost for the full NEWSflo workflow was only a fraction of what it would have cost to update the existing system and NEWSflo provides more functionality.

Not only is NEWSflo managing the page processing proofing to an existing HP1050 plotter as well as page pairing but NEWSflo is also generating the inking data to feed a CGI Ink Preset system.

Spokesman Review
The Spokesman Review in Spokane Washington has recently installed 2 full NEWSflo DUAL RIP configurations to drive their 2 high speed Krauze CtP capable of making over 150 plates per hour each. NEWSflo replaces the existing Harlequin RIPs while NEWSflo’s View-it module is now being used instead of FirstProof. The Spokesman Review is leveraging NEWSflo’s flexibility by using the workflow for both newspaper production as well as commercial work while driving the existing SeeColor proofing solution.

NEWSflo also adds a new level of automation thanks to the integrated web based publication planner. The Spokesman Review is using NEWSflo’s Planner module to read XML data supplied by Layout8000 and automatically create the required editions.

In addition to providing them with automation the Spokesman Review is using NEWSflo to generate inking data to feed their DATA Engineering OY ink preset system with the intention of migrating to NEWSflo’s CIP3 output in the near future.

Dauphin Herald
The Dauphin Herald a weekly community newspaper located Dauphin Manitoba has recently installed a full NEWSflo solution to automate their production environment. In addition to the Dauphin Herald the newspaper prints 10 other newspapers using NEWSflo and drives a Xerox 7750 from the workflow for proofing.

NEWSflo was acquired to compliment the new Screen CtP but is also able to drive the existing Panther imagesetter that is being kept at least for the time being for redundancy.

Transcontinental Printing – Qualimax
Transcontinental Qualimax in Gatineau Quebec have recently installed a full NEWSflo to produce the daily “Le Droit d’Ottawa” as well as a dozen weekly newspapers. Mr. Bruno Beauparlant supervisor at Transcontinental Qualimax states it the best “We are extremely satisfied with NEWSflo! The entire solution is fast efficient and trustworthy.”

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