News to TakeAway the customizable app now has its own website

August 9, 2010

News to TakeAway the customizable app now has its own website.
• ” Finally the right newspaper approach to iPhone”

Miami FL. August 6 2010. News to TakeAway the customizable app specifically developed by Protecmedia for newspapers that want to be in the latest trend now has its own website

“By dedicating a full website to News to TakeAway we are showing Protecmedia’s commitment to help newspapers enter the digital and mobile world” said Bart Mariner VP Marketing and General Manager of the U.S. operations. “We are very excited about the new devices that finally allow bringing down to the earth the multi-support newspaper everybody has been dreaming of.”

Protecmedia has developed this app in such a way that is fully customizable: not just the icon and logo can be replaced by the newspaper’s own but every single symbol and background colors. Even content-related things like the number of news channels and their names can be defined. Media and Events-Guide sections fulfill readers and newspaper requirements.

“First approaches to iPhone from newspapers” says Mariner “were more in the line of saying “Hey guys look how modern we are: we are in iPhone” However the full-page version was absolutely unfitted to the small screen and the zooming useless. News To Take Away is fully aware of the iPhone limitations and takes the right approach. It feeds iPhone with content not pages. Navigation is easy and intuitive; news is easy to read and the price really affordable to every newspaper”

The feedback of the iPhone and iPad users experience with newspapers is very positive. They soon become fans and eager consumers. It promises a huge potential for newspapers in the mobile arena.

Protecmedia’s News to TakeAway app is fitted for both the iPhone reader experience and the newspaper. It only requires defining RSS channels and customizing the app that is ready to go. Protecmedia uploads your customized app to the Apple Store and the full process takes less than a week. No need for prolonged programming testing or certifications. Everything is taken care of.