News Hub Media: Automated Image Enhancement with Claro Version 12

June 19, 2020

Article by: News Hub Media

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News Hub Media is known for the Web Imposer, Automator, and Color Saver pre-press suite. NHM is also the most extensive global reseller and integrator of Claro, the premier automated image enhancement tool in use at major US newspapers, publishing groups, and corporations.

Claro examines each incoming image identifying and analyzing sharpness, brightness, contrast, color balance, and more and then applies proper toning and image enhancement.

The Claro Version 12 software takes image enhancement to the next level of automation, efficiency, and integration via EVR:

Enhance – Claro’s new and updated engines and analysis

Vision – Google AI engine for image understanding –

Remove – Automated clipping path/silo generation through

The three separate tools are impressive; however, combined EVR takes image enhancement to a very different – and better – place than where it is today.

Claro delivers immediate results with consistent image quality, concurrent image processing, and integration with tools like Google Vision and

Call NHM today and receive a 10% discount on Claro and the entire NHM product suite. Also, ask about our ColorSaver special promotion. Visit the News Hub Media home page at for product information or contact Mark Wasserman at 215-470-2386 or e-mail