New Virtual Job Fair Enhancements Improve Relevant Candidate Screening and Time to Market

October 22, 2010

Article by: Adicio Inc.

CARLSBAD CA USA (August 19 2010) – Adicio Inc. the leading provider of interactive classified advertising software solutions for media companies announced the release of new Virtual Job Fair enhancements and templates designed to improve relevant candidate screening as well as the user experience and facilitate time to market.

Adicio’s Virtual Job Fairs (VJFs) provide a unique way to connect candidates and prospective employers with one another in a virtual space without large overhead costs or challenging logistics. VJFs provide an innovative means to generate revenue drive traffic and monetize candidate databases. They can be deployed in combination with any existing job-board platform including those powered by HotJobs Monster and CareerBuilder although Adicio clients benefit from added integration.

Adicio has increased job seeker resume/CV visibility especially during the Chat process helping prospective employers more easily screen relevant candidates. Links to job seeker resumes/CVs will be accessible to employers and recruiters chatting within the Chat Lobby as well as during an open Chat window. Employers and recruiters can also review candidate resumes/CVs prior to a Chat session so they can determine qualifications and relevancy streamlining the screening process. They will also be able to access job seeker resumes/CVs from the Chat History if they need to review specific resumes/CVs after the Chat has ended. In addition Adicio has added a Notes section to Chat History so employers and recruiters can take notes on each candidate as they chat with them. The notes are date and time stamped as they are added to the Chat History so they can be reviewed in chronological order at any time.

The Chat enhancements add to Adicio’s already robust Virtual Job Fair product which facilitates candidate screening. Employers and recruiters can augment the VJF feature set with such Adicio tools as Skills Interviews to quickly pre-screen candidates for open positions and matching solutions that match job requirements with candidate qualifications to develop targeted lists of candidates for each open position.

“Adicio’s VJF Customer Support is superb in answering and solving clients’ questions and problems ” says Chris Fauser Classified Real Estate & Employment Coordinator at Lancaster Newspapers Inc. “And as a result of that feedback they’ve added this new VJF functionality which is terrific.”

Other major enhancements include the addition of new templates for the landing page and the Participating Companies page. Clients can also leverage Adicio’s new site templates if they don’t have internal resources or are under strict time constraints and need to launch a Virtual Job Fair quickly. The new templates improve user navigation increase advertiser visibility and contain interesting visual elements that extend the virtual online experience.

“Clients can be up and running within hours by using our new templates thereby expediting their time to market.” said Deep Menon Vice President Products at Adicio. “Of course clients can also customize the design and layout of their Virtual Job Fair. In addition we’ve made candidate resumes/CVs more accessible during Chat. We understand how important it is to get relevant candidates in front of companies that are hiring as well as ensure that employers and recruiters utilize their time online effectively.”