New ProImage: Tribune Publishing Uses ProImage NewsWayX Workflow

June 19, 2020

Article by: New ProImage America Inc.

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Virtual, remote connectivity has been proven to be a live saver for many companies and their employees as well as people all over the world during the COVID-19 pandemic. While not being a new concept, it became painstakingly clear how important it is to be digitally connected despite being physically apart. This same concept applies to ProImage’s NewsWayX workflow products where virtual, cloud-based HTML5 technology is at the center of its core capabilities. This feature is one of the main reasons, the Tribune Publishing Company decided in late summer last year, to install the NewsWayX Workflow System across all of their print sites (Chicago Tribune, IL, Hartford Courant, CT, Baltimore Sun, MD, Sun Sentinel, FL, and New York Daily News, NY)

Each of these sites will have their own local workflow that includes servers, RIPs, Edition Planning, and output management to their individual, local CTP devices. But instead of upgrading their legacy workflow systems at each of those six print sites, the Tribune Publishing decided to centralize their production workflow at one cloud-based hub.

This hub is integrated with Tribune’s own, pre-existing cloud where now each print site can log into ProImage’s central system and each manage their own production workflow – independent from each other.  This central system – NewsWayX – is using HTML5 and is web browser-based enabling users to monitor production status from different print sites and from any location. HTML5 to allow newspaper production operators to access their NewsWayX workflow from anywhere. Staff can log in from different computers at work, in the production area, and even from their laptops at home to monitor and work on production flow.