New NP03 3ply printing blanket

June 10, 2014

Article by: DYC Supply Company (Kinyo Virginia Inc.)

NP-03 3ply Printing Blanket

DYC Supply is proud to announce the expansion of it’s product line with the introduction of the NP03 3ply printing blanket. This 3ply blanket uses the same technology of it’s proven predecessor the NP03 4ply and NP03 NoPack. The product was developed to run on Goss Community presses Harris V series and Dauphin/Manugraph presses that require 3ply (.067”) material. The new 3ply material uses the same dual compressible layer technology as the 4ply and NoPack versions to insure even controlled web feed and unsurpassed printability. Also incorporated into the new product are state of the art components that feature proprietary surface rubber formulation ThermaSphere compressible layer and a 100% virgin high tensile cotton carcass that is solvent and water resistant. The surface rubber insures smooth and even ink lay down and gives the printer fuller solids and cleaner halftones especially in Computer to Plate (CTP) applications that typically run dryer. The carcass construction reduces stretching and in conjunction with the compressible layer provides excellent smash resistance and even web feed. As with all DYC/Kinyo blankets thickness is guaranteed to be within ± .0008” from roll to roll.

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