N-100 Negative Thermal Plate

April 8, 2010

Article by: Anocoil

Anocoil is excited to introduce a new negative working thermal technology that incorporates the use of a neutral chemistry. The N-100 can be imaged in normal plate room conditions on any 830nm thermal CTP system. The processing step requires a pre-heat.

The N-100 is very durable on press and is capable of run-lengths in excess of 200 000 impressions. Longer runs can be achieved by post-baking the plate.

The N-100 Plate provides excellent resolution. Capable of achieving 2-98% resolution @ 150 line screen / 36 micron the N-100 meets the demands of the industry providing exceptional fidelity in a negative working system.

The N-100 system operates at a neutral pH of 6.8-7.2. Unlike other products our negative working thermal plate utilizes a neutral chemistry providing an environmentally friendly system for your plate room.

The N-100 is available in commercial quantities in standard gauges and sizes of 50 x 90.