Myles Mellor Crosswords a Hit With Kindle Users

January 21, 2010

Article by: Theme Crosswords

If you haven t heard the great news yet crossword puzzles are now available on your Kindle! Thanks to a breakthrough technical development from Puzux a major milestone has been reached allowing Kindle users to do something they weren t able to do before. Kindle users can now get high quality interactive content on their Kindle devices.

For those unfamiliar with Puzux they are an innovative company that has laid out as their mission "to bring quality fun interactive content to the Kindle for the first time". In order to accomplish that they have stated they plan to "bring in first-class content creators who will provide our community with high quality mind-teasing and constantly updating content".

Well they are actively doing just that. To facilitate the launch of their recent development Puzux brought on Myles Mellor Crosswords to provide the daily interactive crossword puzzles for Kindle users. Mellor is one of the top crossword puzzle writers in the world. He publishes over 100 crossword puzzles per month in both print and online publications. He also has over 400 magazines and websites he writes interactive and themed-crossword puzzles for in addition to his syndicated and newspaper crossword puzzles.

Since the release of their Crosswords for Kindle Vol 1 Easy Crosswords for Kindle Vol 1 and a special Holiday Crosswords for Kindle Vol 1 in Dec 2009 Puzux and Amazon have seen a continuously increasing demand for interactive crosswords for the Kindle. So much so that the first Kindle crossword book from Puzux was ranked in the top 500 out of 300 000 books sold in the Amazon Kindle store.

So in order to help meet this growing interest three new volumes of Kindle crosswords have been released. The Crossword Puzzles for Kindle Vol 2 Easy Crossword Puzzles for Kindle Vol 2 and the Travel Crossword Puzzles for Kindle are all now available at the Amazon Kindle store.

For more information on Puzux and their crossword puzzles and sudokus for your Kindle please search for "Puzux" on For more information on Myles Mellor and his crossword puzzles you can visit