Myles Mellor Crossword Puzzles Welcomes Newspapers Now Featuring Interactive Daily Crosswords

October 17, 2009

Article by: Theme Crosswords

Myles Mellor Crossword Puzzles would like to welcome some of the most recent news websites to add daily interactive crosswords: and


Interactive daily crosswords are the latest feature offered by Myles Mellor Crosswords. Myles got his start writing crossword puzzles for his aging father. His father enjoyed the puzzles so much he suggested his son start writing puzzles for a living. That was to be the beginning of a very successful career. Since then Myles has published over 100 crosswords a month both in America and internationally and is already published in over 400 magazines and websites. As a result he has become one of the most prolific crossword puzzle writers in America today.

Now he is offering high quality daily crossword puzzles as attractive content for newspaper websites.

An example of the daily puzzle can be seen here:

The daily crossword puzzles are available free for newspaper websites with a revenue share on ads provided by Myles’ partner . Newspapers can run their own ads around the crossword puzzle also. The crossword is available for a small licensing fee for newspapers wanting to run only their own ads on the puzzles.

For more information on daily newspaper crosswords you can contact Myles Mellor on 818 522 4126 or via his website