MotoMiner Joins PAGE Cooperative To Help Members Rev Up Dealer Revenue

March 7, 2018

Article by: MotoMiner

MotoMiner the digital advertising arm of 360VINspin has joined Page Cooperative to bring white-label automotive marketing capabilities to its membership. MotoMiner has today s leading automotive-specific marketing platform powered by a best-in-class Search Engine with millions more vehicles than The company also delivers Inventory Feeds and dynamic ads to online networks.

Its most innovative and impressive solution involves Dynamic Facebook Inventory Ads for Automotive—which helps dealerships move specific inventory by targeting specific customers on (and off) the social media giant. Key is MotoMiner s ability to upload live dealer inventory on a DAILY basis. From there the industry s strongest proprietary data/targeting solution powered by intelligence from MotoMiner Facebook Oracle and other resources helps target a dealer s most desired or valuable customers—including those who ve already shopped the dealer s website. The system is fully automated simple to manage and supported by unmatched reporting features. "There s a huge opportunity in Automotive for companies that deliver great local service with impressive products " says Bryan Harding. "That s one reason we re excited for the Page Cooperative partnership. The other is a $25 000 000 000 automotive marketing industry rapidly growing towards digital—but just starting to engage Facebook fully. So timing is perfect and upside is huge."