MEI Portico Custom Storefront for Adobe DPS Now Available

May 8, 2012

Article by: Managing Editor Inc.

Jenkintown PA (May 8 2012) — Managing Editor Inc. (MEI) today announced that MEI Portico™ a branded landing view and custom storefront solution for apps built using the Adobe® Digital Publishing Suite™ is now available for purchase. Portico makes it easy for tablet-app publishers to configure multiple gateways for showcasing user-targeted content organizing issues for easier navigation and purchase presenting dynamic news or social media feeds and much more.

When a user launches an app built with Portico the custom landing view is presented first rather than the default Adobe DPS library view. Based on privileges that the app publisher defines and configures only selected folios and other content will be shown accessible or featured within that user’s Portico view.

MEI has worked closely with Adobe on DPS since before the software became publicly available more than a year ago. Now as then MEI is the leading Adobe DPS reseller worldwide by a large margin. MEI has provided numerous customers with specialized tablet-development work including workflow optimization training design development and other professional services. This vast experience and hands-on interaction helped MEI tailor Portico’s robust feature set to its users’ needs.

“More than any other Adobe DPS distributor MEI has made it possible for a large variety of tablet publishers to create rich engaging content that readers love ” said Craig Roth senior vice president of sales at MEI. “Our unsurpassed expertise in this field helped us build the best custom storefront solution available for DPS tablet-app publishers.”

The experience is managed on the fly through the Web-based MEI Portico Admin interface. In addition to user privileges other Portico elements can be modified via this interface including issue categories featured content settings live stream displays and more.

All changes published through the Admin interface are reflected immediately without requiring the publisher to redeploy the app.

“Portico is ready today for app publishers who want to optimize their Adobe DPS content ” Roth said. “Our solution makes it possible to create customized targeted gateways for all readers users sales reps members — there can be a unique experience for everyone accessing the app.”

MEI Portico is available for purchase now for users of the Enterprise edition of the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. For publishers who want to enhance their tablet output with functionality beyond the standard template MEI’s creative services team can help develop specialized Porticos with custom features. For more details and purchasing information contact an MEI sales representative at 215-886-5662 or To learn more about Portico visit

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