MEI Helps Howard Hughes Medical Institute Revamp iPad App

April 30, 2012

Article by: Managing Editor Inc.

Tablet experts overhaul quarterly magazine using industry-leading Adobe Digital Publishing Suite

Jenkintown PA (April 30 2012) — Managing Editor Inc. (MEI) today announced that the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) is now using Adobe® Digital Publishing Suite™ to produce the iPad edition of its quarterly magazine the HHMI Bulletin. HHMI hired MEI’s design and production team to help create upcoming tablet issues of the magazine as well as to rebuild existing iPad issues using Adobe DPS.

HHMI implemented an HTML-based tablet-publishing strategy in 2010. Recently the organization’s communications team determined that a solution integrated with Adobe InDesign® would add flexibility to its production process since the HHMI team already was working in InDesign to produce the Bulletin in print. Based on recommendations from other publishers using Adobe DPS including Reader’s Digest HHMI decided to migrate the HHMI Bulletin app.

HHMI met with MEI and developed a plan for rebuilding the six back issues and creating new ones using DPS. MEI began by building InDesign templates and reworking the HTML content issue by issue finding creative ways to replicate the existing functionality with the Adobe software.

“We were able to rebuild almost all of the interactivity either exactly or pretty closely using the DPS tools in InDesign ” said Will Steuber creative director at MEI.

MEI also enhanced the folios with new features including social-media linking and sharing. Plus MEI provided provisioning training when HHMI was ready to submit its DPS-based updates to the iTunes App Store.

“We’re very pleased that we made the decision to go with DPS and MEI ’ said Mary Beth Gardiner HHMI Bulletin editor. “We’re looking forward to continuing the production partnership.”

In addition to creating DPS versions of the back issues MEI is collaborating with HHMI to develop all-new tablet editions conceptualized and built entirely with Adobe DPS. The February 2012 HHMI Bulletin iPad edition was the first beginning-to-end DPS release and the May 2012 issue is under way. MEI is providing Adobe DPS training to give the HHMI team a greater understanding of the tools.

For HHMI Bulletin readers the transition has been nearly seamless. Users simply need to download an app update to access the DPS-built back issues.

“HHMI’s transition to DPS demonstrates how publishers can dive right into DPS at any time without worrying about abandoning their existing content ” Steuber said.

Visit to download the free HHMI Bulletin from the iTunes App Store.

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