mediaPreflight – the ultimate preflighting tool for all media channels

December 11, 2017

Article by: ppi Media US

To ensure your print online or mobile production processes run smoothly you can rely on ppi Media s mediaPreflight: a flexible cockpit suitable for all media channels that interprets and checks all your printing data details such as transparency resolution size format and font according to your in-house rules. The tool supports the current PDF standards and comes with a comprehensive toolbox to automatically fix errors.

mediaPreflight is a state of the art out-of-the-box solution that integrates all modules necessary for the preflight checks – including those by external providers. The application is fully web-based and offers a preview detailed information on size formats colors and metadata. A ticket list and a workflow module are also integrated in the multimedia preflight check. The tool enables a fully automated preflighting workflow configured via the easy-to-use workflow editor and an integrated test bench. We provide a large number of standard workflows preconfigured.

mediaPreflight is a cost effective solution that is being used by companies worldwide. Although the module seamlessly integrates into ppiMedia s workflows it can also function as a standalone solution. As with all ppi Media installations a 24/7 support is offered.