Media General Saves Ink Costs with Ink-it

June 10, 2011

Article by: Polkadots Software

Polkadots Software is pleased to count Media General among its over 130 installations. Released last year Ink-it has been extremely successful in helping newspapers save money on inks while providing better color reproduction. Mr. Jim Lillagore Regional Production Director for North Carolina Community Newspapers a Media General company stated the following:

"What first attracted us to Ink-it was the price it is available at a fraction of what the competition is asking for comparable products. Of course beyond the economical price is the functionality and fact that it is by far one of the easiest products we have ever had installed. A Polkadots technician performed a remote installation and within 45 minutes everything was configured and running.”

Mr. Lillagore goes on to say “Ink-it runs transparently on the RIP so our prepress operators don t have to change the way they work. In fact if we didn t tell them they wouldn t even know Ink-it was there. In the first month Ink-it has saved 22% of our ink costs and we will save $12 000 within a year. Ink-it will pay for itself in less than three months!"

Polkadots through its partnership with Southern Lithoplate worked with Media General to install 25 Ink-it licenses. All of the installations were done remotely eliminating on-site costs as well as workflow disruptions.

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