Media Companies to Generate New Revenue with SAXOTECH s Flexible Tiered Paywall

June 8, 2010

TAMPA Fla. – June 7 2010 – SAXOTECH a leader in content management solutions announced today the expansion of its standard SAXOTECH Online functionality to include the ability for media companies to deploy tiered paywalls. This functionality provides media companies with the ability to easily capture customer data and convert online readers to a paid structure.

“As business models have become more internet-focused and as more media outlets get on board momentum is behind the drive for media companies to charge for its content ” said Anders Christiansen chief executive officer SAXOTECH. “SAXOTECH Online’s tiered paywall functionality provides publishers with the flexible media tools necessary to implement such a strategy and generate new revenue.”

SAXOTECH tiered paywall enables media companies to limit access to stories and photo galleries through the use of SAXOTECH Online’s Access Control. Limited access is used to manage the number of stories or galleries a group of readers can view and can be customized based on specific business models. The functionality also tracks the stories or galleries a reader views in the session file and when the maximum number of allowed views is reached the system will activate the access control component and request the reader to register.

In addition the tiered paywall functionality contained within SAXOTECH Online utilizes the session ID from the payment system to identify the reader. The data captured gives media companies the ability to produce new and improve current products based on what their readers see as important.

“By tracking anonymous and registered viewers publishers can correlate that data with other metrics such as most popular articles sections visited and galleries providing opportunities to create custom news pieces for target markets ” said Christiansen. “With tiered paywalls SAXOTECH is providing a functionality that can be customized to work with any business model.”

SAXOTECH helps media companies meet current and future challenges in the media landscape by providing cost efficient solutions for new business models based on multimedia multi-channel consumer interaction. Our scalable easy-to-implement solutions are used to plan create edit design and publish content as well as drive online directories and serve display advertising through multiple channels. Our customers receive world-class implementation training and support complemented by ongoing development of products and best practices. Today SAXOTECH’s solutions are in use by more than 600 news organizations around the world.