Expands Reach By Offering State-Of-The-Art Private Labeled Community Marketplaces

March 12, 2008

Article by: Matchbin

Matchbin to provide locally focused online communities with global reach through its "first-to-market" program

Salt Lake City UT January 16 2006 – the Salt Lake City based online trading service provider announced today the release of a state-of-the-art product that will create a new business opportunity and paradigm shift in the multi-billion dollar online classified transaction arena.

Matchbin s release of its private labeled online Community Marketplace enables entrepreneurs businesses and organizations to own an e-commerce Community Marketplace that is locally focused yet globally connected. This platform with it s innovative technology provides easy entry into the existing $17 billion dollar print classified market as well as the $6 billion plus market provided through eBay and Yahoo.

At no cost members of these communities can buy sell and trade goods and services with those within their Community Marketplace and have the option of doing the same on a global basis with other members of inter-connected Matchbin Communities.

In addition to transaction features members of the community sites will have access to social networking tools community specific announcements information and a business directory of local service providers.

"We are excited to be the first online service to provide this unique and proprietary program " said Reed Brown CEO of "The state-of-the-art technology powering our system provides limitless opportunities for Matchbin Community Marketplace partners to be on the cutting edge of e-Commerce and create significant growth for their organizations."

Revenue for Community Marketplace owners is generated from the sale of listing upgrades and other Matchbin products such as Servicefronts and Storefronts. These products are displayed in the Community Marketplace but as with all listings and products are accessible to any user on the Matchbin platform.

The Matchbin Servicefront is a website designed for service providers who wish to deliver their message and capture the online consumer market.

The Matchbin Storefront is a retail site unique to a business of any size to market products or services to millions of Internet users. Starting at a minimal $39.95 per month and unlike other services in the marketplace users will never be charged a transaction fee for items they sell.

Launched in 2002 Matchbin is the provider of the first online automated trading marketplace being used by individuals organizations and businesses allowing them to buy sell and trade locally nationwide or on a global scale. Powered by Matchbin s ActiveMatch™ platform Matchbin proactively searches and finds matches of goods and services for its growing number of online community marketplaces allowing consumers and businesses worldwide a new way to buy sell and trade goods and services with people they know and trust.

With currently 275 communities nationwide owners of Matchbin s community marketplaces such as and have already seen the tremendous benefits of the new product capability for both their online business and memberships.

"Matchbin s focus to build community marketplaces through this state-of-the-art product is helping our members expand their reach in the global online classified and social networking marketplace " said Raymond Hamilton founder and owner of

"We are excited to have this new and powerful online tool that allows us to capture a part of the multi-billion dollar online industry " said Shawn Stewart co-owner of "This will provide a unique and one-of-a-kind opportunity for entrepreneurs organizations and businesses to have their own locally focused community marketplace that will be globally connected."

"Matchbin s unique e-marketplace technology allowed us to launch our first university student focused online marketplace in less than 30 days and saved us over $20 000. We are excited to be a part of the Matchbin globally connected e-marketplace and plan to launch multiple university focused marketplaces over the next few months " said Paul Richardson co-founder and owner of

"For years I had wanted to start an online golf community where golfers could trade for clubs they needed. To build it I needed powerful software and substantial financial resources. With Matchbin s Community Marketplace I now have all I need and for less than $500 " said Chris Larson owner of


Matchbin™ Inc. located in Salt Lake City and established in 2002 is the world’s first online trading platform that specializes in product and service matching. Matchbin partners with entrepreneurs organizations and businesses to offer a private-labeled website for their community. Matchbin then connects all of these communities and individual members together through its online cooperative platform and provides them with the ability to match products and services that they can then auction buy sell or trade on a local regional national or global basis.

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