Magazin24 heading for the cloud with Roxen Editorial Appliance

March 20, 2012

Article by: Roxen Internet Software

Local newspaper publisher Magazin24 is the first Scandinavian publisher on Roxen’s new editorial publishing system for small- and medium sized media – Roxen Editorial Appliance. The new solution provides the customer access to Roxen’s powerful editorial publishing system Editorial Portal without requiring any local installation systems management or software configuration.

– In the future we expect more media customers to choose cloud solutions for their editorial system. But today the price tag as well as the perceived shift in technology makes many hesitant towards complex server-based or new cloud solutions. And with the number of channels for news and other editorial content constantly growing it is becoming increasingly hard to obtain efficiency for the publishers. With Roxen’s newly released appliance-solution smaller- and mid-sized media companies gain access to Roxen’s modern editorial publishing system without breaking the bank. Also they take a major important step towards the future and the cloud says Per Östlund CEO of Roxen.

Magazin24 is a regional media company in the Mälardalen region in mid-Sweden. Magazin24 provides local news in print online media and television in the cities of Köping Arboga and Kungsör. A weekly free magazine is distributed to homes and business and has a circulation of 30-40 thousand copies. The magazine is also published online and for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

– Our focus is on providing local news to our readers in a number of channels. We are a small organization and we needed an efficient editorial publishing tool to grow with. Installation and training was completed in just two days and now we are up and running with our magazine on an entirely new web based platform that our editors can reach from a computer anywhere. It is good to have the server here in the office and knowing what the cost of each user is at all times. We are also grateful for the maintenance and backup support provided by Roxen’s technicians in Linköping. An incredibly easy-to-use modern and cost efficient solution says Fredrik Klevenhaus Editor-in-chief at Magazin24.

Roxen Editorial Appliance is a customized publishing tool for multi-channel publishing tailored for small and mid-sized media companies – a lean version of Roxen’s powerful Editorial Portal that also contains a built-in OEM version of Adobe InDesign Server a backup and recovery solution as well as remote management tools. Roxen Editorial Appliance offers a turnkey solution that runs on an Apple MacMini server located at the customer or at an external data center.

Roxen Editorial Portal is a modern entirely web based and platform independent editorial publishing system for efficient management of news and other contents in multiple channels. Roxen Editorial Portal helps today’s media companies improve and automate their editorial workflows. The management of incoming feeds and publishing to many channels e.g. print web tablets/smartphones etc. is entirely automated in order to allow journalists and editors to focus on the editorial content and their business.

For more information about Roxen Editorial Appliance contact:

Per Östlund CEO Roxen
e-mail: phone: +46 (0)732303013

Fredrik Klevenhaus Editor-in-chief Magazin24
e-mail: phone: +46 (0)221 209 34

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