Lineup Systems AdPoint solution transforms advertising at News UK

September 5, 2014

New ad-booking platform transforms ad booking and streamlines operations

Lineup Systems’ web based advertising sales and management system AdPoint has launched at leading news publisher News UK with resounding success.

AdPoint has helped integrate various internal departments and functions into a consolidated environment that supports News UK’s strategy of ‘One Sell’ a cross-platform product sales strategy with significant improvements in sales automation.

The AdPoint deployment enables News UK’s sales teams to book orders across digital print and tablet formats with a single interaction providing a true cross-channel advertising solution. Before AdPoint sales ad booking and finance were all separate functions. Now sales reps can book co-ordinated ad campaigns whilst on the move without consulting separate booking and production teams for print digital and inserts.

Steve Bottomley News International said: “Platform agnosticism is at the heart of our new trading model and this implementation is the first step in making this approach a reality. Being able to book advertising space across channels via a single system will make a platform-neutral approach the default for our sales teams. Lineup is key to us giving advertisers the best opportunity to reach our readers wherever they are and however they read our products.”

AdPoint integrates directly with News UK’s existing Salesforce implementation through which News UK staff login once through a single sign-on to access an array of internal applications such as CRM booking social networking documents and email.

AdPoint also provides billing in one integrated system giving greater control over invoicing. Potential issues are identified prior to the invoicing process which are automatically fixed or pre-emptively raised and tracked as issues within the News UK Workspace. This provides a better service to customers by reducing the numbers of invoice queries and providing News UK with better visibility and automation of query resolution.

Chris Taylor Chief Operating Officer News UK commented on the implementation saying “Lineup successfully delivered on a complex and ambitious project which remains critical to our business. We are committed to our journey toward total cloud deployment and Lineup’s model supports that objective well.”

Michael Mendoza CEO of Lineup said: “AdPoint and our dedicated team have delivered on News UK’s truly impressive and ambitious sales strategy. This success is another example showing that Lineup has the right balance of industry expertise and product innovation to deliver a measurable positive impact for our customers.”