LEAP announces agreement with Morris Publishing Group LLC

March 17, 2016

Old Saybrook CT March 17 2016 –LEAP Media Solutions announced today an agreement with Morris Publishing Group LLC in Augusta GA to consolidate model and deploy an array of MPG’s data assets to optimize audience development and monetization initiatives.

Morris joins a coalition of nearly 100 news media firms pursuing audience growth through LEAP’s comprehensive approach to data-driven marketing automation. The coalition’s shared investment in marketing technology professional services data acquisition email/direct mail executions and more makes the economics of intelligent marketing particularly appealing. LEAP leverages these resources on behalf of its coalition partners to enable the optimal implementation of multichannel campaign initiatives based on industry best practices.

“Like most publishers Morris has an enormous amount of compelling but disconnected data on its customers and prospective customers ” says LEAP Managing Partner Tom Ratkovich. “Through integration analysis campaign design and automation that data will be put to work in targeted timely personalized marketing actions that engage and monetize.”

LEAP CEO Daniel Williams looks forward to the MPG collaboration. “It has been a pleasure to get acquainted with such an enlightened engaged team at Morris. We can’t wait to get started.”

LEAP Media Solutions is a partnership of Leap Media Partners LLC – owners of the Aurora (CO) Media Group – and The Day Publishing Company (New London CT).

For more information please contact Tom Ratkovich at tom.ratkovich@leapmediasolutions.com or 303.886.0202.