Labels for high speed labeling machines

March 19, 2019

Article by: Miller Bevco a B2B Company

If you are using an online automatic labeling system and are finding that your address labels are breaking at the web we have an answer to your problem. In conjunction with Avery (the inventor of the sticky label and the worlds largest manufacturer of pressure sensitive labels) we have designed a machine quality label that will not break at the liner or the perforation. We have reinforced the perforation by perforating the liner only every twelve inches and have used a higher quality liner to eliminate this problem. Together we have also improved the adhesive on the label so it sticks exactly where it is placed. No longer will your label shift or float .

Most PAGE members have found that our Avery machine quality label is priced competitively being at or below the price paid for inferior labels. Even if a few cents more expensive money will be saved in labor because you will not have to stop and fix liner breaks. Our machine quality Avery labels are a money maker for all P.A.G.E members!

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