Konica Minolta s New Save Now-Save Later Program

November 15, 2008


Konica Minolta Graphic Imaging U.S.A. has had a very long and mutually beneficial relationship with PAGE and its members. We recently announced our long term plan for an orderly exit from the film manufacturing business. We want to re-enforce our commitment to accept orders for Imagesetting Film to our PAGE account members through the end of 2009.

In recognition of the support we have enjoyed and our expectations of continuing to be an key supplier to PAGE members. We are launching an upgrade of our combo program. The new SUPER-COMBO program will not only offer reduced pricing for your current film and plates it will also provide future savings to assist newspapers in the transition to CTP. Prices will become effective with the return of the signed agreement and a P.O. for both film and plates. You will SAVE NOW & SAVE LATER!

SAVE NOW – Konica Minolta / PAGE Super Combo Program
For an account that purchases both film and plates prices will be lowered and held through December 2009.

SAVE LATER – Konica Minolta / PAGE Platesetter Transition Bucks
SIGN UP for the Konica Minolta Graphic Imaging U.S.A. Super Combo and EARN a credit of 7% of all your plate and film purchases to be applied towards the purchase of an ECRM or SCREEN Platesetter through Konica Minolta Graphic Imaging.

**BONUS** All platesetter PO’s Received by 6/30/09 will receive a 50% bonus of accumulated platesetter transition bucks equaling a total credit of 10 ½ % of your accumulated film and plate purchases through 6/30/09.

EX: If total purchases of film and plates is $50 000 by June 09 this would create $3 500 platesetter transition bucks. With a PO by 6/30/09 an additional $1 750 would be credited for a total of $5 250 total savings on a platesetter.

All Platesetter bucks must be redeemed by 03/31/2010.

Sign up now with your Konica Minolta Graphic Imaging U.S.A. Sales Executive!

Or contact

Rick Wrona 847-577-6274
Charlie Henle 516-458-7283