Kodak Webinar on Ink Optimizing Service

April 6, 2009

Article by: Kodak

Webinar: Take Costs Out of Your Business with KODAK’s Ink Optimizing Service

Ink is a significant cost in a printer’s business—on average it represents about 2% of total costs. For a $5M printer that’s $100 000 a year on ink alone. If you could trim that by 10 to 25% that’s a savings of up to $25 000 a year—without compromising quality! KODAK’s Ink Optimizing Service can help you decrease ink consumption while improving reproduction fidelity and increasing stability on press. Attend this webinar to find out how to achieve:

• 10 to 25 percent ink savings
• Reduced make-ready times/faster startups
• Less fan-out or web growth
• Improved appearance when press misregistration occurs
• Faster drying
• Higher printing speeds

Kodak is hosting this FREE webinar on April 28 at 2pm EST. To register go to http://www.kodak.com/go/saveink

The data sheet can be found at: https://pagecooperative.com/uploads/reference_sheets/inkoptimizing_sellsheetlo.pdf