Job Board Created For Laid Off Journalists

March 7, 2009

Article by: RealMatch (The Job Network)

Job Board Created For Laid Off Journalists

In an effort to help laid-off newspaper employees Newspaper & Technology and The Job Network have created an online program to help journalists and newspaper-related staffers find jobs. The partnership was announced at the Newspaper Association of America’s MediaXchange in Las Vegas.

With major newspaper groups facing serious financial challenges – and some in bankruptcy – the number of newspaper jobs has plummeted. More than 7 000 newspaper jobs were lost in 2008 and no relief appears in sight for 2009. Earlier this month the Rocky Mountain News closed and daily papers in Tucson San Francisco and Seattle have been targeted for closing. The privately-own Columbus Dispatch announced a 25 percent reduction in its newsroom in early March.

“This is a very dispiriting times for journalists ” said Mary Van Meter publisher of Newspaper and Technology. “Not a day passes that I don’t get a phone call or an email from some very capable person who’s looking for a job.”

Van Meter and Marc Wilson president of The Job Network both serve on the Inland Press Association Board of Directors and at a recent board meeting Van Meter suggested to Wilson: “We need to do something to help.”

So the two agreed to merge the promotional power of Van Meter’s magazine and Wilson’s Job Network technology to try to offer help to laid-off newspaper employees.

Journalists and others related to the newspaper industry can post their resumes on the Newspaper and Technology Web site The magazine will promote the site in print and online.

The resumes will be available for viewing at nearly 375 Job Network sites plus affiliated networks such as RealMatch and Google. The Job Network offers state-of-the-art real-time technology that grades and matches employers’ needs with candidates’ skills.

“I wish we could do more ” said Wilson. “We understand that very few newspapers are hiring. But I think that many newspapers have gone overboard in staff reductions and when the recession ends there once again will be a demand for talented reporters editors production circulation and other staff.

“Journalists have long played a critical role in American democracy ” Wilson added. “Many newspapers have larger audiences than every – when you combine their print and Internet reach. There will be a continued need for journalists to report and edit information about city halls school boards crime and prevention courts entertainment and other local news.”

“I think we all look forward to the day when these horrible times for journalists are behind us ” added Van Meter.

For further information contact Mary Van Meter at 303-575-9595 or Marc Wilson at 309-269-7826