Is your Newspaper Suddenly Looking For A New Solution for Photo Reprints?

August 13, 2009

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Has your provider changed your terms of service so you have to reach minimum sales levels each month or else a pay high monthly fee to have them handle your reprint fulfillment? We would be very happy to work with you. MyNewsPhotos was built with small to medium circulation papers in mind we don’t charge service charges and we don’t have monthly minimums.

In fact if you compare us to any provider you’ll like doing business with us.
No Set Up Fees
No Monthly Fees
You make money from your very first sale and as a PAGE member you receive an additional 2% on every sale.
Easiest uploading; no having to resend photos after a sale is made. Upload once and you’re done.
Complete and ongoing support to you and your readers
Sales reports sent monthly right to your email box.
Easy tracking of reader activity on your site.
Quality processing from our lab where we’ve been working with publications for over 44 years.
And the reasons go on and on.

We are proud to be a PAGE approved provider and we would welcome the opportunity to be your new partner in Photo and Full Page Reprint Fulfillment.
Contact Jack Ratzsch or call direct 410-625-6425 for no obligation information.