iPhone & iPad apps – Make Money with Mobile webinar

April 6, 2010

Article by: PageSuite Limited

PageSuite are leading the development of publisher branded Smartphone applications delivering your content on the biggest devices and platforms.

We will provide an introduction to Smartphone applications functionality from scrollable editions and content search to live news / video feeds and social networking.

A quick overview of the mobile markets sales growth and future developments will provide the background for our detailed look at client case studies and publisher ROI.

Mobile app revenue opportunities are growing with strategies focused on downloads subscriptions in app payments advertising sponsorship and classified listings. Publishers are maximising the engaging results our apps have driven with unique visits page impressions depth and length of use all increasing mobile apps value.

We will then have an opportunity to answer your questions and conclude our iPhone & iPad application webinar.

Wed Apr 21 2010 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM EST http://bit.ly/ck4Ku0