iPhone 4.0 app iAd-ready especial offer for PAGE members

July 15, 2010

Article by: Protecmedia Corp.

Miami FL 07/15/10. Protecmedia a new PAGE Preferred Supplier is launching a welcome offer. For a few dollars a day PAGE members can have their newspaper with their own app in the Apple Store. Even more: the app is iAd –ready so they can turn this fashion into a new digital revenue stream!

How does it work: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNZO6u8jIKk

Get your newspaper iPad/iPhone 4.0 app up and running in less than a week!

Your readers are forming lines to buy the latest amazing device of today: iPhone 4. And all owners of an iPhone 3G or 3GS are upgrading to iOS 4.0. Follow the trend and get your own app for less than $10 a day! It’s as easy as defining the RSS channels you want to show and you are ready to have your readers accessing your newspaper from their iOS 4.0 iPhones tomorrow!

You can watch here how it works or if you own an iPhone go to the App Store search for “The Star News Protecmedia” and download the app for free. It is a generic newspaper we have created as a sample. Two app versions are available: with iAd platform that runs on iOS 4.0 and without iAd that runs on iOS 3.1.

For less than $10 a day

Protecmedia has created a service “News ToTakeAway” based on its product Visual Phone a “store brand” app that you can easily customize for your newspaper with your own logo and look! For as low as $399 (*) per month all inclusive!

(*) $299 per month: limited special offer for PAGE Cooperative members! (On a 12 month minimum commitment)

How it works

Protecmedia does the customizing with your provided design. Two levels of customizing are available: Basic with the icon newspaper header and a transition page designs to be provided to Protecmedia and Advanced with up to 24 customizable elements. There is no extra charge for an “Advanced” customizing.

We upload your app when ready to the Apple Store: no need for you to go through a cumbersome Apple certification process.
If you decide to charge your customers for the downloading of your app we collect the money and send it to you free of charge!

The app will be under the Protecmedia maintenance agreement: that qualifies for updates that Protecmedia will introduce because of any possible software bug fixes and upgrades that Protecmedia will release in the future as a result of suggestions from users or new requirements.


Even if you decide not to charge for the download you can still make money from it since News ToTakeAway is iAp-ready. That means that you automatically will qualify for a revenue stream from the new Apple advertising platform.

iPad ready!

News ToTakeAway also works with iPad. Using the iPhone emulation mode content can be shown in a 2x scale on the iPad that provides easier reading on its big screen. Two devices two ways of accessing your news included in the same price!


News ToTakeAway has three different “Views” or Sections defined as a standard. First one is the News View. News View features a number of News Channels as many as you decide. For each Channel you have a number of News items. Each piece of News may have a picture headline and text. They are shown as a list or Summary.

When a piece of News is clicked it expands to full page content.
The second one is a Media View. Here you can place photos photo galleries audios and videos. A thumbnail page shows a mosaic of them. When a thumbnail is clicked it opens-up to full view. Videos must be iOS compliant: no Flash sorry.

Third is an Event Guide that is called Agenda. Agenda is a community service section where you can include any event that is announced in your city or enthusiasts community. Events can be band concerts movies etc. and may include links to the event webpage. Other nice features include the option to add the event to the reader’s Calendar and going to Maps from the Event address.


Since you don’t upload content but rather the app points to the content that is in your website you can update news as many times a day as you want. Every time a reader launches the app or manually according to reader’s preferences it will refresh the latest news.
Alternatively content can be synced at defined times and then news will be available to be read off-line.

More Features

In addition there are some News ToTakeAway features to be highlighted:
• Rich Graphic User Interface exploiting iPhone capabilities.
• Touch Navigation among app Areas and News Sections.
• Rich-Text reading features: scrolling copy and paste change font-size.
• Special view for some contents: Agenda static Info Setting.
• Multimedia Viewer: photo-galleries videos
• Interacting with iPhone features: send content by e-mail add Events to Calendar go to Maps.
• Create list showing latest syncs sent favorites.

Test Environment

News ToTakeAway has a Test environment to check whether your prepared info works as planned. First part is to check the content. You define the News Channels as RSS Channels. If you are not sure your web is using a standard-compliant structure you can test them on the following website: http://validator.w3.org/feed

Once content is assured as being standard compliant you can check on an iPhone that no major problems are happening and that info is correctly visualized. Then you can publish.

Additional information is coming soon on July 27 at www.NewsToTakeAway.com.

Meanwhile watch it how does it work here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNZO6u8jIKk