Introducing NewsXtreme LITE

September 27, 2007

Article by: Presteligence Inc.

Newspapers Talk Presteligence Listens.
August 22 2007 – (North Canton OH) – The overwhelming feedback from smaller newspapers within the newspaper industry is their need for automated workflow software as they move to CTP. A simple workflow is all that is needed: a workflow with page pairing; a workflow with soft proofing to save time and money on resources and plates; a workflow that will load balance output to get the most out of a rip; and most importantly a workflow that is affordably priced to accomplish all these goals.
Presteligence analyzed this request and reacted with a solution to meet these needs. NewsXtreme LITE offers automated page pairing and imposition up to 16-up. No more does the page layout need composed at the Quark or In Design level. An unlimited number of users can access the web-based system to manage the production and scheduling of daily jobs and commercial work and approve either the page or plate soft proof. The system also offers optional fan-out creep adjustment and preflight.
Priced at $12 500 NewsXtreme LITE contains all the capabilities needed to produce a newspaper and its features mark it as a very viable solution to any small newspaper. In addition to its low-base price Presteligence offers remote installation to help better fit the budgets of smaller newspapers. NewsXtreme LITE’s template-driven plate configurations and status levels allow newspapers to output plates the same day of installation.